Aldi Ireland Survey and everything you need to know about it

Regular markets are old fashioned now and in order to buy stuff, people prefer retail supermarkets for shopping and other stuff. The main reason why people have started preferring retail markets or stores over the conventional markets is the fact that they do not require them to move from one shop to another in heat. The market super stores come with air conditioners and you do not have to worry about the heat or sunlight affecting you. One of such markets is Aldi. Aldi is a privately owned company and is serving its customers for a very long period of time. Working in the industry of retail, the company started its business in the year 1913. This makes it one of the earliest businesses in the world of retail. Aldi can also be considered as the pioneering companies in the world for retail and this is the main reason why the customers respect it and prefer it over others. The company was divided into two parts in the year 1960 and was converted into Nord and Sud. The company was founded by Karl and Theo and since then it has been gaining more and more customers all over the world. The headquarters of the company is in Germany and outlets are in all over the world. The company has more than ten thousand and three hundred outlets all over the world. This is quite a huge number and owing to this great number, the company has earned a lot of revenue till now.

The Aldi Ireland Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Aldi Ireland Customer Satisfaction Survey is a new thing that has been offered by the company to its customers. The survey is quite simple and you just need to answer a few questions asked by the company. These questions are related to the quality of the item offered and the service rendered to you. Answering these questions will help you in getting some discount during your next visit to the company.

The questions you need to answer:

The link that you need to go to for the survey is Enter the code from the receipt of your last order and enter the date and time when you visited the company. The questions you’ll have to answer will be the impression of the store from outside, the experience you got from the shopping, the level of friendliness of the staff the time that you had to stay in the queue and the checkout experience. In the end, enter your email address and phone number so that they company can contact you later on to provide you with the discount coupon.


The company is widely known all over the world and the areas served by the company are Denmark, Switzerland, the United States of America, Austria, Netherlands, Australia and a lot more. The company has its outlets in Spain and France as well which are quite popular amongst the customers. The main products offered by the company are that of high-quality food and beverage and items related to the household. The revenue earned by the company in the last year was calculated to be more than fifty-five billion dollars.

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