American Stores – What Do You Know About Them?

In most simple words store could be described as the business place that is operated and owned by the retailer. The store could either be run by any other individual rather than the retailer in which the merchandise is primarily sold to the final consumers. Stores are not restricted to any single specific product but they offer a number of varieties on this single platform. Store availability eliminates the efforts of customers of going to different shops and buying the different products.  Most of the stores provide different segments composed of the different goods for the flexibility of the customers so that they can find the goods of their choice quite easily. Stores are quite different from single shops that contain the limited variety of products. On the other hand, stores are made for ease of people but they do not only benefit people in shopping context but they also provide a large number of opportunities to employees working inside the stores. So it could be said that stores make their positive contributions to the economy of any country in which they are located. Stores are of different types:

  • Discount stores
  • Super markets
  • Merchandise
  • Malls
  • Specialty stores
  • Warehouse stores
  • Clothing retail stores

It was April of 1818 when the first American store was opened that was located in New York-headquartered which is still surviving but also flourishing. This store was established after 42 years when America was formally known as the country for the first time. Its title was placed by H & D.H. Brooks & Co., Brooks Brothers in 1870.

Since then there are a number of stores operated in America which are conducting the operations successfully. One the most famous American retailer store is Kroger that was established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. In the context of a company, it is at a 23rd number and known as the second largest retail store. Due to customer loyalty and standard of services, it has maintained its market in total 31 states and almost 75% of employees of Kroger are represented by Commercial Workers union and United Food.

If you are visiting Kroger regularly and have any negative or positive experience then you can share that by visiting Kroger Feedback Survey site for survey participation.

Rewards: on survey completion customer would be given an opportunity of making the entrance in sweepstakes.  The reward includes one grand prize worth of $5000 gift card and 100 first prizes which would value $100 gift card.

The approach of completing the Kroger Feedback Survey?

Within seven days visit Language selection for taking the survey.

  • Enter time, code, shopping date for your receipt and press on the “Start” button.
  • Answer all survey questions and rate your satisfaction level with their services and products
  • After that, you would be able to enter the Monthly sweepstakes.

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