Celebrate Eid 2021 with Unique Designs of Kohinoor by Shireen Lakdawala

Eid Collection has hit the market and one of those making a buzz is the Kohinoor Collection by Shireen Lakdawala. There is no doubt that the Pakistani designers in their team have always created the most impressive designs. Now the latest collection is just as mind-blowing as ever.

Unique Designs in Kohinoor Collection for Eid

We all want to look our best and wear something amazing. We all want to wear something better than the previous. This is why the designs in the Kohinoor collection are undeniably a must-have. The Pakistani designers have made sure their sequences, designs are simple but classy, and the color combinations are all amazing. There is something new and never seen before in these Pakistani designer dresses.

Some of them have chiffon and lace, some have embroidery, others have khaddi fabric, and some have gotta, mirror work, and embroidery. The threads are designed to ensure the right blend and balance in the contrasts and overall design. Surely, the designers have put a lot of thinking and effort to make sure their Eid collection is unique and offers customers satisfaction.

Shop Pakistani Formal Dresses As Well

Shireen Lakdawala has also made sure that its new collection is multipurpose. Even after Eid, you can wear the clothes for different occasions. Working women can also use them as Pakistani formal dresses in their daily routine.

As the colors are not very loud but are toned down, they look very classy and sober. The handwork and patterns on the clothing are also low-key and focused on looking elegant. The Kohinoor collection has a mix of different styles as well, so buyers can choose based on what they would love to wear.


Here’s a quick look at what the Kohinoor Collection offers:

  • Citrine – This is an amazing simplistic yet chic mustard-orange suit.
  • Kunzite – This is all about making white and golden the highlights of the season.
  • Rose Quartz – If you want a unique color then you must try this item in the Kohinoor Collection for Eid 2021
  • Jasper – This design is for stylish women who are not afraid of wearing something out of the ordinary. You will love the deep maroon shade.
  • Passion Topaz – For women who want something heavy and charming, this item is a must-have.
  • Moonstone – Just as the name implies, this is one of the special Pakistani designer dresses in stock. Its style is chick and has a modern yet traditional Pakistani look.
  • Amber – This collection is perfect for women of all ages and professions. You can also add this to your collection of Pakistani formal dresses.

Make Your Eid Worthwhile

If you have been a fan of Pakistani designer dresses, you are in luck this year. It is time to add some fun and freshness to life after spending several months in the lockdown due to the pandemic. Wearing colorful and adorable clothing is the first step towards reminding ourselves of a normal life. Head to the Shireen Lakdawala website and place your order today.

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