Domino’s Pizza apologized publicly for calling police on a Customer

Domino’s Pizza has made a public apology through a Facebook post, as they wrongly accused one of their customers of using some unauthorized discount vouchers. Domino’s Pizza not only accused their customer but they also called police on the respective customer.

By using the power of social media many customers posted regarding their experience with Domino’s and the way they treat their customers. After taking all these customer reviews into consideration Domino’s Pizza decided to make an apology publicly through a Facebook post.

The post regarding Domino’s Pizza of calling police on a customer became viral on the internet and it was shared over 2,000 times through different social media platforms. However, the matter was sort out later when Domino’s Pizza found out that the Customer actually used authorized vouchers which were purchased from some eCommerce website. And the Facebook post was also taken down when the whole matter was sorted out at one of the Domino’s Pizza outlet.

Domino's Pizza

The apology post by Domino’s Pizza was made by one of their spokesperson, who said that we really value our customer feedback. It was an urgent matter for us to satisfy our respective customer and our representatives at the headquarters have already settled the matter by explaining the whole situation to the customer.

The company also explained that there do exist some loop holes in their customer and reward services and they are trying their best to provide their customers with the best services and experience.

Although Domino’s made everything clear through this public apology but still the matter got heated up and the post had 4,900 comments and 2,800 reactions within the period of four days. Customers have commented that Domino’s Pizza should have made a proper investigation before calling the police on the customer and this kind of unprofessional behavior was not expected from an international brand. Many customers also commented that they will be boycotting the brand from now on.

In addition, customers also posted memes regarding the poor customer service of the brand and are also making fun of the brand by posting pictures of different discount vouchers that they own from Domino’s.

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza also posted on Facebook regarding the illegal selling of their discount vouchers and that post was removed later. Company also mentioned that investigations have also been made regarding the unauthorized selling of discount vouchers. Customers can avail free pizzas by using their discount vouchers. It was mentioned by the company that many illegal purchases have been made by using those vouchers and investigations have been done by the company in the past as well.

Domino’s Pizza made this post in order to make the previous situation clear, but deleted it later on. Due to their previous experiences regarding the unauthorized voucher usage they wrongly accused their customers and called police on them.






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