Effectiveness of CCTV System is Reducing Crimes

Now the occurrence of crimes is preventable with the use of Closed-Circuit Televisions CCTVs. These devices are the most effective surveillance method nowadays. All the efforts of people planning to encounter any criminal activities are in vain. This is because these CCTV cameras can capture their faces on their monitoring screens.

In the case of security, the evidence provided by the CCTVs is accurate and circumstantial. This digital surveillance technology has eradicated many crimes because of the fear of constant security among criminals. Thus, the CCTV cameras are a valuable addition to the existing security systems, which are preventing and reducing criminal activities significantly.

How Does a CCTV Camera Reduce Crimes?

CCTV surveillance cameras can help reduce crimes in some significant ways.

  • After installing CCTVs, there are greater chances of witnessing the criminal acts in the areas. The cameras catch criminals red-handedly, and clear and accurate evidence is available to pursue prosecutions.
  • With the help of CCTV recordings, there are increased chances of identifying and prosecuting the culprit without any doubt.
  • The digital surveillance system in the areas provides a notable crime deterrent. The CCTV cameras have a wide range. Users can place them at such points or angles, which are often in the use of criminals to have easy access to the properties.
  • A neighborhood with several CCTV cameras installed offers an extending deterrent of crimes. The risk for the area to be a target for crime becomes much less. The inhabitants can live peacefully and feel secure. The incidents of street-crime are much lesser, due to the presence of both public and private CCTV cameras.

Where Will It Be Effective To Install CCTV Cameras?

  • In empty properties, the installation of a CCTV camera is a visible deterrent that prevents the property from criminal attacks.
  • There are some vulnerable properties where the cases of burglary and car theft are quite high when the owners are out for the whole day. For example, in rural areas when the families are out somewhere for holidays, their homes are often a target of thieves.
  • Businesses with no security during the off times are often vulnerable. CCTV installation can secure their valuable stock, which is stored on-site, after working timings.
  • If a person himself has become a victim of crime, he/she must assure the presence of CCTV cameras at their residency.

A Case Study of Crime Reduction in Airdrie (Canada)

According to some reports, there is a 21% reduction in crime due to CCTVs installation since November 1992. This area experienced more crime reduction as compared to the surrounding areas. Dishonest crimes (such as theft of motor vehicles, shoplifting, and housebreaking) were reduced by 48%. In USA, CCTV companies such as CCTV Security Pros and First Digital Surveillance are offering most advanced CCTV security systems in USA.

Moreover, one can use CCTV cameras in conjunction with other security methods to increase their effectiveness as a deterrent. For example, users can use secure fencing, light sensors, exterior lighting, and alarm systems.

It is always a good idea to invest in CCTVs, so order yours today. Keep your family and business safe.

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