How can Food Security Influence Climate Change and Vice Versa?

Food security and the change in climate are directly related. Obesity has become a really big issue all around the world and this is only because, the food which we are eating is not healthy at all. Artificial methods are being used to grow food crops, vegetables and fruits and these methods are affecting the environment as well.

Food Security

The fruits and vegetables that are grown these days using artificial methods, lack essential nutrients. These artificially grown foods are the reason behind all the life-threatening diseases which are being spread all around. Artificial methods and foods are not only affecting the Food security but are also responsible for the major climate changes that can be seen these days.

The whole Food system is actually responsible for the major changes that can been seen in the Climate overall. Any one particular step of Food system cannot be blamed for the over all destruction.

Methods involved in:

  • Growth of Food
  • Food harvesting
  • Food processing
  • Food Packaging

Are all responsible for spreading various diseases and for the major changes that can be seen in the Climate. So, there are actually different reasons for the Climate change on earth and processed food is one of them.

The chemical fertilizers which are being used for crops these days not only effect the human health but also drastically effect the soil health. Unhealthy soil obviously cannot produce healthy crops and these artificially produced crops are reason behind various health problems.

Heart diseases, Weak eyesight, joint problems, Cancer, all these diseases have become a lot common these days and all because of the artificial methods used for growing crops. The packing of food products also play an important part in affecting human heath and our climate. Tin and plastic containers are widely used for packaging purposes. These packaging techniques pollute the environment and spread various diseases as well.

What can be done in order to save our climate?

If we as humans incorporate a few things in our lives then we can actually save this world and our climate.

1. Spread awareness of eating and growing Organic Food

It’s always better to have fresh fruits and vegetables then to use processed and tin food. The food that is organically produced is the best of all.

We should all try to grow the food crops organically without using any fertilizers and pesticides. Organically grown food is best for the soil as well as for everyone else. We being the consumer should start consuming only the organic food and in this way the increase demand will force the producers to produce the food organically. Organically produced food best for human health its effects on the climate change are also minimal. If harmful chemicals are not being produced or consumed then those chemicals would also have no effect on the climate as well.

Food Security

Start supporting brands which produce food organically and make a trend of only consuming organic food as this plays an important role in saving our environment and in limiting the climate changes.

2. Avoid Fast food and eat healthy

All the Fast food chains have spoiled our eating habits. Fast food is the main cause of obesity these days. Our physical as well as mental health all relies on what we eat. Start incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and you’ll feel the difference for your own self.

A diet which includes fresh ingredients will always keep you active and fresh through-out the day instead of the food which is full of bad fats and processed ingredients.

Food Security

Start consuming fresh fruits and vegetables today and save the climate and soil from the dangerous effects of artificially grown foods.

3. Incorporate healthy meals in diet of your children

The liking of healthy foods and ingredients has also been decreased in children these days. Children should be provided with healthy meals instead of Burgers and Pizzas.

The children who start to consume healthy foods at their early age will keep on consuming a healthy diet at their later age as well. So healthy fruits and vegetables should be given to children from their early age.

How major Climate changes affect our Food security?

Climate changes also affect our Food Security. Climate changes also play an important role in improving  the Food system. The organic crops will be needing a healthy climate for their growth. Severe climate changes effect the healthy growth of crops.

Climate changes affect the transformations that needed to be brought in the agriculture sector for the growth of healthy crops. Extreme weather conditions also complicate the process of Food Security.

The unpredictable weather conditions also have worse effects on the Food Security of the whole world. Climate all around the world is changing drastically and is indirectly affecting human health by affecting the Food Security of the whole world.

Change in our lifestyles can only bring positive changes in Climate as well as our Food security. Only a healthy lifestyle can bring healthy changes in our Climate and Food Security as well. Adopt a healthy lifestyle today and be a part of this positive change.


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