Salmonella concerns FDA

In most recent turn of events, FDA has set out a warning to all the dog owners out there to not purchase any Performance Dog frozen raw dog food manufactured on and after 22nd July, after being tested positive for salmonella and listeria monocytogenes.

This has caused a serious spark, and according to FDA authorities, identification of such bacterial strains means a possible threat to not such animal but human health.

The beef portions of the raw food, which also happens to be the best seller- has showed stronger salmonella presence as compared to the performance dog food variety.

Dog food has a huge market industry in US, with many dog owners relying strictly over Performance Dog frozen dog foods. For past few decades, the changes in dog feed has been immensely rewarding and has helped The U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop better nutrition strategies for pets. With increasing awareness resulting in better formulas, many of the pet owners have been laid back about what should their pet be fed.

However, the identification of the bacterial strain salmonella in most recent dog feed has set out an alarm for all the dog owners. This does not happen to be the first case of negligence.

Earlier, the acceleration in dog heart diseases has also been linked to the processed dog food. After an approximate of 500 dog deaths and 5 cat deaths, the FDA hinted that a certain type of pet food was causing the ‘dilated cardiomyopathy’. This causes heart arrest and eventual heart failure if not treated for long.

On food analysis anything under the label of ‘’grain-free’ were to be avoided, according to the reports of FDA. On further investigation, they gave in the names of sixteen dog food brands which were to be avoided. This caused an obvious uproar in the market, especially in the food industry. Despite FDA’s constant warnings and indications about how dangerous these pet foods have been becoming, many pet food companies continued to manufacture.

But most recent updates from FDA is more than just an alarming situation for pet owners and pets. The presence of salmonella strain is an indication of contaminated food manufacturing or packaging. While the case is still under investigation. The presence of salmonella should not be overlooked.

Salmonella is an active bacterial strain, which causes infection primarily in the intestinal tract. Its mode of action is the gut system, causing diarrhea and other intestinal infections. this bacterial strain happens to be water borne and can pose a serious threat to certain people as well.

If you are pregnant, have a young child at home or someone with compromised immune systems, then catching salmonella becomes even more dangerous.

Dog food came under scrutiny of FDA earlier in June when almost 500 cases of canine heart disease were reported. Now with a new twist at its end, FDA has asked for a recall of all the prominent performance dog food manufactured.

Once in September 2018, Bravo Packing, Inc. were also tested positive for contamination, which promoted a strict recall of all the dog foods.

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