Avail $1000 worth gift cards with Tesco

Being the pioneer, of retail business Tesco has extended it services for better customer satisfaction through ‘the Tesco customer satisfaction survey’. Avail free gift card of $1000 with Tesco customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction survey is designed for complying with customers demands and shaping the company’s credibility. Tesco survey consists of simple survey queries, which in return offer exclusive Club card for its customers. On availing twenty five Clubcard you would be able to win a promising exclusive gift card, worth one thousand dollars.

True to its name, Tesco has been providing excellent services and is one of the most reliable super mart in UK. Established for more than ninety nine years, Tesco outsmarts its competitors by providing low cost products while maintaining a healthy market share.  From groceries, technical equipment to online shopping, everything could be under one roof conveniently at Tesco. What makes Tesco reliable is its consistent assurance of quality.


Win up to $1000 worth of gift card after collecting 25 Clubcards, availed through Tesco’s customer satisfaction survey.

Brief overview of Tesco

  1. Tesco was established in 1919 by Jack Cohen, who started it out as a groceries stall in East London
  2. Today Tesco holds a 13% share of the retail market in UK
  3. Tesco has become one of the leading chains of super marts in US, China and Japan
  4. Tesco started with tea production as its own branding strategy in 1924 by Jack Cohen
  5. Tesco started its trade as expanding its brand value and strategy in 1997
  6. Tesco has outgrown many healthy competitors in Asia because of its excellent quality and strategic provision and stands as fourth largest supermarket worldwide.

Did you know?

  • Because of their fair share in up to 73% of market profit in UK, Tesco now provides services for car and house insurances and also own a mobile phone network company!
  • The first Tesco ever made is now converted into a cinema
  • 1 in every 7 pounds spent in UK, went to Tesco, in 2013
  • There are up to 7 thousand of Tesco’s located in just European and Asian region alone.

Steps to complete the Tesco customer satisfaction survey

Tesco customer satisfaction survey is an online survey. The survey consists of several questions which require your honest reviews about your experience at Tesco. It would help the company monitor their performance, keep in check with customer demands and improvise their marketing system.  Before starting the survey, please make sure you have a stable connection of Wi-Fi. You would need your purchase receipt from your last visit to Tesco in order to initiate your survey process.

  1. Click on the URL provided, tescoviews.com.
  2. Enter the four digit code provided on your receipt. In case of confusion, a picture with where to find the code is written would be provided on the page.
  3. ‘start’ your survey
  4. Answer all the questions including whether you are the Clubcard member or not. This will help them retain your information in their system for further use.
  5. Rate your experience at Tesco
  6. Submit your response, and avail your Clubcard
  7. On collection of 25 Clubcard, you would enter as their gift card member.



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