Fill in Belk’s Customer satisfaction Survey and get a chance to win a gift card of 500 dollars


Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey is formulated by Belk to get the feedback of its customers on their services and products. The customers are rewarded by Belk for taking part in the survey through a lucky draw of $500!

Going to the market is a bit stressful because you need to roam from one place to another in order to get your hands on the items that you actually need. It leads to a lot of annoyance and exasperation.

Belk deals in a lot of products and the most amazing ones are that of clothing and footwear. These two items are the most sought after ones by the customers.

Apart from these two items, the high-quality furniture items, and beauty products. The household items offered by the company are loved by the customers all over the world.

It is only due to the high quality and low prices of these products that it earns a lot of revenue every year.

Dealing in the industry of retail, Belk is a private organization helping its customers in getting their hands on the required items that are high in quality but low in rates.

Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey & Rewards

The company now wants to develop even more and for that, it has asked for help from its customers. The company has come up with the Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey that asks the customers to answer a few questions

. These questions ask the customers how the company can improve itself. The best thing about the survey is that it helps the company as well as the customers as you can win a gift card $500!


The simple steps

In order to be a part of Belk’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need to be above 18 and a resident of the United States. You will also require a stable internet connection, a devic to open the website and a recent receipt from Belk.

  • In order to start, you need to go to the link using your laptop which should already be connected with a strong internet connection.
  • Once you reach the first page, you will get to know find a box in which you need to enter the survey code.
  • Next, start answering the questions and choose one option from the given ones. Each option will ask you about your level of satisfaction from the products and services of the company and you need to answer keeping in mind your experience from your most recent shopping trip.
  • Once you are done, clicks submit. You will automatically be entered into their monthly sweepstake for the prize.

About Belk

The company, in the last year, earned more than 4 billion dollars as revenue. Belk was founded in 1888 and this makes it one of the pioneer companies for retail.

The company was founded in Charlotte initially as a small time business but developed to a great deal with time. Now, the company has more than 300 outlets all over the world.

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