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By participating in the Cub foods customer satisfaction a participant can enter into sweepstakes with the $100 prize every week.

Eating fresh is what everyone wants. When it comes to talking about bakery items and the dairy products, freshness of the item is what really matters.

If the item is not fresh, it is not worth it. But, at the same time having fresh items in your fridge all the times is not possible. You can’t buy your bread and buns every day of the week to eat it fresh the next day.

However, there still are some places that provide their customers with the freshest possible items. They are so fresh that you can keep them with you for the longest period of time.

One of such places that have the fresh items of grocery for their customers is the club foods. The club foods are a grocery retail business that is known for the taste and freshness of the items that it serves.

The company is a subsidiary one and since its initiation, it has been the first choice of the bread lovers. The reason is the fact that the products made by it stay fresh for the longest period of time.

The Cub Foods Customer Satisfaction Survey

Cub foods is working on another great project. This project is for the customers in which they are asked about their real opinion about the products and the services of the company.

The company has come up with a survey which is known as the Cub Foods Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This simple survey comes up with some simple questions that can easily be answered if you have ever bought something from the company and if you have a laptop or a mobile phone connected to an internet connection.

Once you decide to be a part of the survey, you simply need to go to the link www.cublistens.com.


By participating in the Cub foods customer satisfaction survey you can get sweepstakes along with a $100 prize which will be awarded every week.

Answering the Cub Foods survey questions

  • The first page of the survey will require you to tell the company which language are you comfortable in. You can choose either English or Spanish.
  • Next, you need to enter the survey code. The code can be found on the last receipt from the company.
  • The coming page will lead you to the questions asked by the company.
  • These questions are related to the freshness of the items bought by you. Along with that you will also be asked if the people serving you were friendly and nice to you or not.

Some additional information

  • The company was founded long time back in the year 1968.
  • Ever since its initiation, it is loved by the customers and is preferred by them.
  • The company was started in Minnesota and still has its headquarters there even now.
  • The total number of outlets that the company has till now is more than eighty one which is quite amazing.
  • The main products that are offered by the company to its customers are that of the general bakery items, the dairy food, frozen items, the products of pharmacy and sea food.
  • Liquor, as well as general snacks, are also offered by the company to its customers in the prices of retail.

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