CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and its $1000 grand cash reward!


The CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey is made by the company to collect feedback of their valuable customers. The customers are then rewarded through a sweepstake worth thousands of dollars! They can win cash prizes through a monthly draw.

The actual name of the company is Consumer Value Store but in the year 1996, it was changed to be called as CVS.

CVS is a American retail health company, they are selling products that include products that are health related, medical products, beauty related products.

They deal in subscription related products and other items that a person might need in their daily life.

It also provides medical services through their clinics that are located over 1100 places.


The CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and rewards

If you are a regular customer of the company, you can now be a part of the survey that has been started by the company.

The survey comes up with the name of CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and lets its customers raise their opinions related to the services and the products delivered by the company.

The survey consists of a few questions and all you need to do is to go to their website and answer them.

Taking their Customer Satisfaction Survey gives you a chance to win a grand reward of $1000 through their monthly sweepstake and small prizes of various amounts!

Steps to the survey

The process is really simple and entails the following steps

  • Connect your laptop or phone, whatever you are comfortable with, with the internet.
  • Start off the survey by opening the link
  • Once you reach the first page of the survey, you will be required to enter the survey code. The code can be found on the receipt of the last purchase that you made from the company. No matter which outlet you went to, you can be a part of the survey.
  • Choose your language from English and Spanish whatever you are comfortable in.
  • Each question will have an option next to it and all you’ll have to do is to choose one and go ahead!

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About CVS

The company is basically a subsidiary company and works in the industry of retail. It was founded a long time back in the year 1963. It was founded by Goldstein and ever since its origin; it has its headquarters in Woonsocket.

Now, it has more than 10,000 all over the United States of America. It not only serves the USA but also other places that lie. Therefore, it has earned revenue of a whopping amount of one hundred and fifty-three billion dollars in the last year.

The total number of people working in the company is 203,000!

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