Win an ipod from Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey


The Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey is there for the convenience of the customers so they can get it touch with Dollar Tree with their feedback and suggestions.

The customers are then rewarded by hefty prizes through lucky draw that include a IPod or $1000 cash prize!!

These organizations look forward to provide their customers with the items that are lowest in the cost and highest in terms of satisfaction level that they provide to the consumers.

The best part of this competition is that the customers are the ones that get the maximum advantage out of it. One of such companies working in such scenario is Dollar tree and it is providing its customers items that are worth one dollar only.

Name it and you will find it in the company’s store. You can have all the supplies that you need for your household along with the best quality apparel.

Along with that, you would be able to find the best quality toys as well as the wraps to get them covered. All the technical supplies, books and beauty items are found under this one roof quite easily!


Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey and the exceptional rewards!

In order to keep its revenue high, the company keeps on asking its customers for their points of view and what they actually think of the services provided to its customers.

One of such ways is the Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey that makes it easier for the company to know about the views of the customers.

On the other hand, the customers answering these questions get to win a cash prize of a thousand dollars or an ipod.

The process for the survey

  • In order to be a part of the survey, you need to enter the website and start answering the asked questions.
  • On the first page, you would have to enter the store number, amount spend by you as well as the date and time of your visit.
  • Moving to the next page, you will find some questions that you need to answer whether you are satisfied by the services or products provided by the company or not.
  • On the next page, you would have to answer some questions related to your own personality.
  • Putting in your telephone number as well as the full name would let you have the chances of winning the said prize!

NeighboringShorttermDunnart-small.gif About Dollar Tree

The company started off its business in the year 1954 and since then it has been working hard enough to win the love from the customers.

Having its headquarters in Virginia, it has its stores in almost all the major cities in the world. The company has more than thirteen thousand branches all over the world and with every year, it is increasing this number manifolds.

This has led to a direct increase in the revenue earned by the company every year and from every branch of its.

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