All you need to know about Famous Dave’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Most of us throw away the receipt that a company gives us after we purchase the products from it or get its services. The receipt that we get after the payment is useless for us and we do not bother to save it. On the other hand, there are people who order keeping these receipts in a safe locker. Trust me; the later ones are the intelligent ones. Receipts that we deem useless can actually be something that helps us in winning amazing prizes and cash redeems. Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. is one of those companies that provide its people with amazing gifts only if they save their receipts. Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. famous Dave, as the name suggests, is quite a famous option amongst its customers when it comes to eating fabulous food. The company is a publicly owned company and is famous for its ambiance at the same time. The company belongs to the industry of restaurants and hotels. It was founded back in the year 1994 by its owner names as Hayward Wisconsin. This happened in the United States of America and today, it has its headquarters in Minnesota.

Entering the Famous Dave’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

If you are in the habit of saving the receipts once you are back from the outing, Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. is a place that can give you great advantages. A new survey that the company has come up with requires you to have the receipt number in order to enter it. Answering the few questions asked by the company will help you in wining amazing prizes and you can even have discounts for your future visits to the company.  Once you have entered the fifteen-digit code to the first page of the link,, you would be able to move ahead to the next page that will showcase an assortment of questions related to your experience with the company. Answering them would lead you to the end where you will be given a code to redeem your prize.

The questions and their options:

Famous Dave’s Customer Satisfaction Survey asks you simple questions that come with options. For example, if the question is if you would recommend your friends and family members to visit this place for a visitor not, you need to choose one of the options you see next to it. The options include the choice of strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree to disagree. Answer all the asked questions and you will get a code in the end that would provide you with some great discounts upon your next visit to the company.


With more than two hundred of its outlets working successfully all over the United States of America, the company is famous in other parts as well. The organization is deciding to expand its horizons and move to other places as well with the passage of the time. The chief executive officer of the company is Mike Lister who has worked hard along with its employees in moving ahead in the progress margin. The most famous products offered by the company are that of the barbecue ribs, burgers, salads as well as desserts.

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