Be a part of the Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Talking about business, one of the most difficult genera to venture in and get output out of it is the petroleum industry. Not only does it ask for a lot of investment but if you end up making a mistake, all your capital, investment, money, talent and effort gets wasted. On the other hand, it is also one of the most highly paying investments if you really know how to bring the output from it. Not everyone in this world is capable enough to do that! However, those who do that, turn out to be extremely successful and fruitful as a result. One of such ventures is Phillips 66 which is a public company and deals in the industry of oil and gas. It is the successor of Phillips Petroleum Company. The company has been in the business for more than ninety years now and has its headquarters in Houston. The company operates throughout the world and its products and services are spread everywhere.

The services and products by the company

The main items that it works with are natural gas, fuels, motor oils, petrochemicals, lubricants and much more. It provides its services in both the oil refineries as well as the service stations. The company has been in operation in almost all countries in the world and that is the major reason why it has earned so much of the revenue from everywhere. In the last year, its revenue was calculated to be more than ninety billion dollars which is surly a huge amount. Due to its vast operations around the world, the total number of people working for it is more than fourteen thousand.

The survey from the company

Now the company has come up with a new thing in order to stay connected to its customers all over the world. A new survey has been started by the company and with the help of this survey; people can let the company know about all the good and bad things about it. not only this but it also helps the company in being much more systemizes as the reviews of the customers are always honest and they will let the company know about its operations all over the world. The name of the survey is Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey and anyone from all around the world can take part in it if he has used the products or the services of company. In order to enter it the survey from the link, you need to have the last receipt from the company near you and find its code. That code needs to be added in the required box and once you enter start; you would be able to answer all the asked questions from the survey.


The information required from your side is the zip code of the place from where you got the products or the services of the company. Along with that, from the options available you will be asked to select the location and the city of the area you got the product or service from.  After that, answer the asked questions according to your own experience of the product.

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