Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey and a golden chance to win $5000


Having to go to various shops in order to but different kinds of things is something that annoys people the most. Going to even the largest malls with the most number of shops and not being able to get your hands on what you were looking forward to having causes a lot of frustration to the people. This is the reason why the idea of retail superstores has gained so much of the attention of the customers.

Home depot Customer satisfaction Survey is a survey for obtaining Customer feedback. The customers who give their feedback through this survey get a chance to win $5000 cash prize!

Home Depot is known for its high-quality products that come in a low price, Home Depot has been a favorite place to go for the customers.

The company provides its customers with the various kinds of products including appliances related to home, materials for building, painting items, supplies for the maintenance of the garden, plumbing items and a lot more.

This trend is a new one and comes with a lot of conveniences. Going to one place and getting your hands on everything that you wanted is surely amazing. One of such companies that have come up with the idea of providing its customers with everything that they want under one roof is

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The Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Home Depot has now come up with yet another thing through which it would be able to get to know about the points of view of the customers about the products as well as the services offered by it to them.

This new step taken by the company is a survey that is free of cost and the customers will be able to voice their opinions about the company through it.

The name of the survey is Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey and it is basically an assortment of a few questions that are quite easy to be answered.

In order to answer these questions and be a part of the survey, you would have to get a connection to the internet and a laptop. You also need to have a recent receipt from Home Depot!

Once you are done, you have a shot at winning $5000 through the lucky draw by Home Depot

The simple survey steps:

  • In order to start the survey, the first link that you need to open is www.homedepot.com/opinion.
  • The first page will welcome you to the survey and will ask you to choose a language you are comfortable in. A drop down list of the languages will make it possible for you to choose one.
  • Next, you will need to add in your ID as well as the password and that can be found on the receipt that you got from the company for your last purchase.
  • After that you will see some questions on the next page and answering them would lead you to the end of the survey.

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About Home Depot

It started off its business in the year 1978 and since then, has gained success and triumph. For more than forty years, the company has been providing retail products to the customers that are known to be great in their quality.

The company has more than four hundred thousand employees working all over the world in more than twenty-five hundred locations all over the world.

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