Win a grand prize of $5000 by Home Depot Survey!

By participating in the Home depot customer satisfaction survey, a participant gets a chance to win a gift card worth $5000.

Buying the right kinds of items for your house is quite a difficult thing. The difficulty comes in when you have to make sure that the items you have bought stay with you for the longest time possible.

Finding the best place from where you are going to have the highest quality items is difficult. If you have got a new house and are looking forward to buying new things for it, Home Depot is the place from where you have to go.

When you enter the place, you will find it difficult to go out of it. The company is a public one which is traded as the DJIA Component and three more.

The company works in the retailing industry and since 1978 it has been working quite well. Home Depot is known for quality items and in the last thirty none years, it has made a great repute with the people it works for.

The Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

Home Depot has come up with a yet another thing for its customers that they might have great interests in.

The company asks the customers what they think about the products offered by the company and along with that, the quality of the items offered by the company are asked to be rated in the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey.

For that, all you need to do is to go ahead and answer some simple questions.

All you need to do is to have a laptop on your laptop and an internet connection attached to it.


Participants of the Home depot customer satisfaction survey can get a chance to win a gift card worth $5000.

Steps to follow

  • The first step that you have to go for is the link which is
  • Once you open it, you’ll see a number of questions on the first page that you’ll have to answer.
  • These questions include how many times you visit the place, the level of satisfaction you had while finding the products from the company and then using them later at your home.
  • The amount of variety offered to you is also something that you need to rate from a satisfaction criterion from one to five before ending the survey.

Some additional information

  • Home depot started off its business in Georgia
  • The head-office of Home depot is still in Georgia
  • The founder of the company is Arthur Blank
  • Under the supervision of its heads, the company has made a lot of outlets all over the world
  • There are more than two thousand two hundred and seventy-five outlets all in the world
  • The major areas that the company services are the entire region of the United States of America, Canada and all the parts of Mexico
  • The company has been producing and selling out some great products including the home appliances and the hardware items.
  • Along with them, the flooring, as well as the garden items, is also quite loved by the customers.
  • Other tools and paints are also highly purchased items amongst the customers.
  • The revenue that the company has made in the last year is more than eighty-eight billion US dollars

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