Houlihan’s Customer Satisfaction Survey comes with exciting Rewards


Houlihan’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is created by the restaurant to get their customers feedback on their products and services.

The customers are then rewarded by free gift coupons from the restaurant. Houlihan’s known as one of the most sought after places in the world for the customers.

Houlihan’s is loved by people; the company not only provides its customers with a great dining experience but at the same time, provides its customers with a bar.

Houlihan’s is famous for the taste that it serves to its customers.  The menu card of the company is filled with an amazing compilation of the tastiest items ever.

The menu card contains scrumptious pizzas made up of flatbread as well as grilled toasts. Not only has this but the bar by Houlihan’s also provided the customers with pleasant drinks that you can have whenever you want to.

A great combination of tasty food with yummy drinks makes it possible for you to have a great dining experience.

Houlihan’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and Rewards

Houlihan’s has now come up with a yet another amazing thing which is a chance to its customers to answer a few simple questions of a survey and win exciting prizes.

This can be done through the Houlihan’s Customer Satisfaction Survey in which you are asked some simple questions mainly related to the products and the services offered by the company to you.

For that, you need to go to the link www.houlihansfeedback.com with the help of a laptop or a mobile phone. However, make sure that you connect your phone or a laptop with a high-speed internet and answer all the asked questions well enough.

The customers are rewarded by free coupons and discounts which can be availed at the restaurant.


The simple process

  • The first page of the link will require you to enter a code of the survey. The code can be found from the receipt of your last order to the company.
  • The next page will make you want to answer a few questions such as the selection of the menu items, the ease at which you could pay for the items chosen by you, the accuracy by the waiters while providing you the items and the server’s ability to serve you.
  • Along with that, choose the items that you have ordered from the given options and end the survey.
  • Click on submit once you are done. You wil be emailed a validation code of your reward. Enjoy your reward!


About Houlihan’s

Houlihan’s was first started off as a small time business in the year 1972 and since then, it has been developing and nourishing.

The company has developed so much that now; it has its outlets in more than eighteen states in the United States of America.

The company was initially started off with the name of Houlihan’s Old Place. With time, the management decided to change it and make it a bit classier.


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