Fill your tummy with free tacos by filling Jack in the Box’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey

Jack in the box Customer Satisfaction survey is a feedback survey for the customers of Jack in the box. The customers who participate in the survey get free Tacos! who doesn’t likes free tacos?

What Jack in the box has to offer?

The products that the company comes up with are the delicious hamburgers and the scrumptious chicken pieces. However, the most loved items by the customers are the sandwiches by the company along with the desserts.

The breakfast menu of Jack in the Box is also one of a kind and that is why people love to have their breakfast in one of the outlets of the company.

A total of twenty-two thousand people are working with the company and it is solely because of their hard work and dedication that the total revenue of the company in the year was two billion dollars!


More about Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company is looking forward to increase its revenues and provide the customers in a better way. Te want their customers to go back happy so they return i future.

This survey has been formulated so the restaurant chain can know about their weak points for improvements and best the best of of their strong holds!

Improvement in the existing set up is what the company is looking forward to doing.

If you are an ardent fan of the company and you want it to expand and improve, you need to answer these questions so that you can help the company in getting better in what it does.

The survey has  some simple questions about the products and services provided by Jack in the box.

Answering them will lead to the end of the survey when you’ll be able to get two free tacos.


Steps leading to free Tacos

Before starting the journey to your free Tacos, you will need the receipt from Jack in the Box that is no older than 3 days. You will need an internet connection and a device on which you can open the link to their survey.

This survey will require approx 10 minute of your time, I guess that’s worth the free two Tacos and helping Jack in the Box improve.

The steps you will need to follow are:

  • Starting off, you need to go to the link using either your mobile phone or a laptop.
  • The first page of the website will ask you to put in the fourteen digits code which is printed on the receipt of your last order to the company.
  • The next page will lead you to entering the location and time when you ate food at Jack in the Box.
  • Then, you will be taken to the next page where you will see some questions with options to be answered.
  • Once you are done, you can submit the survey and get your free Tacos by showing the proof of completion.

Facts about Jack in the box

Jack in the box is a fast food chain, it is the largest hamburger chain in the region. It has about approx 2200 restaurants operating in about 21 states in the United States.

The are a quick serve restaurant chain in the States and were the first to provide a lot of fast food items that are now a part of every fast food chain’s menu. Providing custom orders for their customers according to the type they want.


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