Chick-fil-A Survey: Did We Say Free Food?

The Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey intends to register the customers’ constructive feedback about the quality of food and services. Chick-Fila tries to bring the best of the best for their customers, and thus they have decided to reward their customers with a chance to win free food on their next visit.

Company Profile

The world is filled with new and latest fast food chains that get opened every day. Several years ago, people had limited choices when they had to decide the place where they would go to eat. Now, deciding the place to go and eat is definitely one of the toughest decisions anyone would take.

This has become so difficult because of the number of options that a person has while going out. At every corner of the street, you would find a new restaurant and wouldn’t know when it was created. A major problem in such a situation for these companies is that of maintaining their level in terms of the competition.

With more and more companies coming in the business so quickly, the existing companies have started finding it difficult to maintain their customer base. However, there are certain companies that have always been the first choice of people whenever they decide to go out and eat. One of such companies is Chick-fil-A.

The company actually started its business in America as a small place of eating but with the passage of the time, it gained a lot of popularity amongst the customers. The people started loving it owing to a different kind of taste that it served as well as a very different kind of menu gained the attention of the food lovers. Now the company has even more than two thousand branches all over the world and each one of them is generating quite a high level of revenue.

Did you know?

Below are some of the facts that we bet you did not know before:

  1. Chick-fil-A, unlike all the other restaurants, is closed on Sundays.
  2. The “A” in Chick-fil-A stands for Grade A.
  3. It is the biggest buyer of Sunkist Lemons and Peanut Oil.
  4. On every new launch, the restaurant promises to give its first 100 customers free Chick-fil-A for a year.


Upon completion of the survey, the loyal customers of Chick-fil-A will get a chance to win free food from the restaurant on their next visit.

Steps to Complete the Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the name says, the company is known for its amazing chicken items. Now be it the scrumptious chicken burgers that it serves or simple chicken pieces, it is loved by people who are its regular customers. The chicken sandwiches, as well as the grilled items, are the most adored items.

Just like every other esteemed food chain, Chick-fil-A also asks its customers about their points of view related to the taste of the items that are served to the customers. The survey known as Chick-fil-A Customer Satisfaction Survey asks its customers about their views and the questions related to their visit to any of the outlets of the company.

  1. After you enter the website, you would see a box where you are going to enter the serial number or the code that is printed on the receipt you got when you visited the place last time.
  2. After you move to the next page, you would be asked if the food you ate was dine-in or take away. Once you answer this question, you’ll have to tell about your level of satisfaction in terms of the service as well as the taste.
  3. Once you are done, you will be given a validation code. This validation code will provide you with free food next time you visit the place!

The success of the company can be evaluated by the fact that its revenue in the last year was more than six billion dollars in total. The company is growing with every passing year and soon it would be touted as one of the biggest food chains in the world.

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