Win a gift voucher by giving Michaels Survey!

By filling out the Michaels customer satisfaction survey, you can earn free gift vouchers.

Finding a good place from where all the required items can be taken in a good retail price is no doubt difficult. You have to make sure that not only the price that you buy these items in is at retail but at the same time, the quality needs to be good enough.

A retail price that seems good might not be good for the quality you are looking for. Therefore, stumbling upon a good retail store is mandatory to have these items intact in their original form for the longest period possible.

One of the most reliable places you can come across while finding quality products is Michaels. Michaels is a retail place that most of the people prefer going to when they have to buy items in a regular manner.

Michaels is a publicly owned company that is working in the retail industry for a very long period of time.


Along with great quality products, the company now offers something new to its customers. This new thing is a survey that comes with a few simple questions.

By answering these simple questions, you can win gift vouchers that can be worth more than five hundred dollars.

The best part of the survey is that you can be a part of it as many times as you want to and win the gift voucher.

All you need for it is a laptop connected to an internet connection and the receipt of the last purchase to the company.


Get to know the process

The link that you need to go to in order to be a part of the Michaels Customer Satisfaction Survey is Once you have entered the first page, you will see a list of terms and conditions and agreeing to them will take you to the next page.

The receipt number needs to be added and it will help you enter the survey.

Once you answer all the questions related to the quality of the products and the satisfaction you had from them, you need to put in your personal information to get a claim on the gift card.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know

  • The company is actually forty-four years old which is because it was formed in the year 1973
  • The company is known for its quality products. All the products that the company has to offer to the company are widely appreciated.
  • However, some of the most sought after products by the company are its retail art items and the scrapbooks.
  • Along with them, the home decor items are also widely ordered
  • The revenue made by the company in the last year was around five billion US dollars which is surely a huge amount!
  • The headquarters of the company is in Texas and it is the same place its first outlet was opened
  • The founder of the company was Michael Dupey
  • The total number of locations where the company is working at the moment is one thousand, three hundred and sixty-seven.

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