All you need to know about Zaxby’s Survey

Eating out is one of the most entertaining things to do. No matter you are a guy or a girl, old or young you would always love the idea of going out and eating. Eating along and with friends or family members both have their own constraints. When you eat alone, you do not know who to talk about. You are likely to get bored. On the other hand, going with friends and family members is fun but it causes other issues. Each member might have a different liking when it comes to food and might want a different thing to eat. In such situation, giving a joint order gets impossible. The best way out is to give individual orders and have what you like.  One of the best places to go to when you are up or some good food is Zaxby’s. Zaxby’s is a privately owned company that has been in the business for a very long period of time. It has been in the business since 1990 when it was first built as a small restaurant for the local people. The owner made sure to come up with the best recipes and services. With time it got success and more and more people started becoming its customers. Now it has a lot of outlets throughout the United States of America. In the last twenty-six years, the company has earned quite a lot of profit as well as respect from the customers.

The Zaxby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The company has now come up with something even more exciting for its customers. Being a customer of the company, if you have some opinion about the taste of the items served and the quality of the services offered, you can now share it with the company. The company has started a survey which has some questions related to the products and services of the company. All you need to do is to go to the Zaxby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey website at using either your laptop or a mobile phone. The best thing about this survey is that it gives you a chance to win prizes worth one thousand dollars to fifteen hundred dollars every week.

Survey and its steps:

Once you reach the first page of the link, you need to enter the survey code. This can be found from the receipt of your last order to the company. Next, you need to put in the date and the time of the visit and mention the place which you had visited. The amount spend by you in your visited is also asked in the survey. After all this information, you need to go ahead and answer the satisfaction related to questions asked by the company.


The company has its headquarters in Georgia. This is the place where it was first initiated and since then has been progressing. The founders of the company are Tony Townley and Zach McLeroy. Now the company is quite well known all over USA. The main products that the people love to order are its yummy wings and tasty fries. Apart from them, the chicken fingers of the company are also quite famous.

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