Homebase Survey Will Enhance the Ambiance of Your Next Visit With Its Hidden Prize!

Homebase is a company that will help you relax your soul after a day of very busy work schedule and more. Your weary body needs all the refreshment it can get and you can even help yourself in bonding with your family here/ Homebase is a company that helps individuals improve their gardens and their homes as well because home is where you go to relax yourself. And now this company has its own Homebase survey to measure how they did upon your recent interaction. With that you even get something good in return!

Homebase Survey Incentive

Homebase greatly values the response its customers have for them. Because without that, Homebase will be unable to grow itself and improve its services. After all customers know how a company is serving them in the end. And so, for your kind response and effort Homebase survey will help you enroll yourself into a prize draw at the end. This prize draw can help you win about £500 pounds that you can spend by purchasing their services!

Homebase Customer Satisfaction Survey: How to Take It

In order to take the Homebase survey, your task has been made quite easy. All you need to do is visit their survey page. You can easily do that by www.paintusapicture.com. Once you open the survey page through your browser you will select the Continue button to move on ahead.

Homebase Customer Satisfaction Survey

Then you will enter all the right information in the boxes such as your transaction number, order number, the date on your receipt and the time on your receipt. Lastly, enter the amount you spent and click on start. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions and your responses are spontaneous, honest and free of any bias.

All you need to do is rate the statements from highly satisfied to highly disappointed.  Finish the survey by providing your contact information to enroll in the prize draw! We wish you all the luck!

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