Win $1000 and Apple Ipod with Red Robbin survey!

You can get a chance to win $1000 cash and an apple ipod by participating in the Red Robbin customer satisfaction survey.

People are fond of two things mostly, eating and sleeping. When it comes to eating, you can either make food at home or eat out.

Making food at home is a good option during the week days when you come home from work tired and have no stamina to go to a restaurant and order food.

On the other hand, during the weekends, people mostly prefer to go out to their favorite place and have a good meal with friends.

If you are planning to eat out this weekend, you need to try out Red Robin. Red Robin is an eatery that is gaining a lot of attention these days owing to an amazing menu card and a cost that is not too huge!

The full name of the company is Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. and as it specifies, you’ll be able to have the best burgers in town from here.


Red Robin Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have ever been to Red Robin and have eaten from there, now is your chance to let the company know about your views.

The company has come up with the idea of asking the customers what they think about the products and the services of the company.

If you liked them, you can go on and click the highly satisfactory option. If not, the option of unsatisfactory is all there for you.

The name of the survey is Red Robin Customer Satisfaction Survey and you just need a laptop or a mobile phone with an internet connection to be a part of it.

The link that you’ll have to go to in order to answer these questions is


By participating in the Red Robbin customer satisfaction survey you can get a chance to win cash. The lucky participants will get ten chances to win  $1000 cash and an apple ipod.

The procedure

  • Keep your receipt from the company that you got from your last visit handy.
  • The code mentioned on it will be required to you in order to enter the survey.
  • The information related to the time, date and day when you had visited the place needs to be added.
  • Once done, mention the specific outlet as well to be clear about it.
  • After that you will see a number of questions and all you would have to do is to click the right option of satisfaction next to them. All the best!

Some additional information

  • Red Robin was founded in the year 1969 and it’s been more than forty-five years since it’s been in the business and providing quality food items to its customers.
  • The company started its business in Seattle.
  •  It’s headquarter is in Colorado.
  • The company is a huge one and there are more than five hundred and fifty outlets of this company in the United States of America.
  • The company is known for its amazing environment which is casual yet chic.
  • There is a huge variety of the burgers in its menu and at times it gets really difficult for a person to select one and let the other one go.
  • From the grilled burgers to the toasted ones, the company serves it all with a great speed in service and friendliness.

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