Save on Foods Survey Will Let You In On Their Prize Draw!

Save on Foods is a chain of supermarkets in United States of America. This company has been operating since 1982 and has plenty of stores across Western side of Canada; 33 stores in Alberts and 75 stores in British Columbia. And now Save on Foods has developed its very on Save on Foods survey that you as a customer can take online without any issues. Basically, this survey will help the company understand what needs to be done in order to improve itself and hit the success road. And for that it is absolutely essential to know what the customer has for feedback. So, let’s move on ahead with it!

Save on Foods Survey Incentive

Save on Foods Customer Satisfaction Survey is built to understand how you felt during your recent interaction with its local store. And for that, Save on Foods will like to appreciate the time and effort you took to help them make a difference. At the end of the survey then, you will have the option of entering yourself into a prize draw. This prize will basically help you win a coupon worth about $200. This can be spent at your local Save on Foods store. However, you will not be allowed to cash it in and it comes with an expiration date. So, make sure you make good use of this prize!

Save on Foods Customer Satisfaction Survey: What to Do

Save on Foods Customer Satisfaction Survey

Save on Foods survey is readily available online and you do not need to visit their local branch to fill it out. Instead you will be able to take it while relaxing on your couch because it only take about 5 minutes! So, to access the survey page. After that, you will be able to choose a language that you are most comfortable with to take your survey in. And then you will enter your store number, date and time of visit, transaction number, and lane number and verify your age.

Then move on ahead with rating the various statements about the staff, the products, the prices, recommendations and more. Good luck with the prize draw at the end!

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