Get to know about Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey and its $250 reward!


The Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey is there for the convenience of the customers who want to convey their feedback to the fast food chain! The customers are valued at Sheetz and are rewarded for giving their feedback by a lucky draw worth $250!

A lot of companies are coming with such facilities and one of them is Sheetz. Sheetz is a privately owned company that provides its customers with the service of refilling the gas in their cars along with the provision of fast food items and convinces stores at the same time.

This means that you do not have to look for three different places for these three different kinds of. The first place was a small area that served a few people living nearby.

Now, the company has more than five hundred outlets of all the convince stores, fast food items and gas stations as well. Sheetz.jpg

The Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company comes with the Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey now and it includes some simple questions to be answered.

Once you answer all these questions, you will be able to get discounts the next time you visit the place. All you need to have for this survey is a laptop or a mobile phone connected to an internet connection. You must be 18+ to be a part of the survey and must have a recent receipt from Sheetz!

Once you rare done with the survey, you will be rewarded by a chance to win $250 gift card at Sheetz through a lucky draw!

The most loved products of the company are coffee, diesel and fast food items. The gas and fuel filling services are the main services offered by the company to its customers. The revenue earned by the company in this year is more than seven billion dollars in the last year.

Being a part of the survey:

  • To start the survey, you need to go to the link
  • Once you enter the first page, you’ll be asked to put in a survey code that will help you moving forward.
  • Add the date and time and let the company know what product you bought from the outlet and when.
  • Along with that, tell them the number of times you have visited the place in total and will you visit it next time or not!


About Sheetz

The company’s services go long back in the year 1952 and since then, it has been providing its customers with the best quality products.

The dedicated employees are more than seventeen thousand in number.

The business was founded by Bob Sheetz and hence the company gets its name. The company still has its headquarters in the same place where it was founded initially which is Pennsylvania

The company serves a lot of areas. These areas include that of the Atlantic, Ohio as well as Appalachia. Under the management of Joseph S. Sheetz who is the CEO of the company and chairman Stanton R. Sheetz, the company is gaining more and more profits with every passing day.

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  1. I just visited one of your facilities, bought 2 bottles of water (That were clearly marked 2/4.00, the clerk charged me $ 4.98 for them (big rip-off) no wonder you guys can build Taj-Mahal facilities and drive fancy vehicles. (if this is what you do with sales on a regular basis) Only a small amount for one sale but a large amount on many sales ??????????

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