Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey and it’s Hefty Lucky Draw!


Staples Customer Satisfaction survey is there for its customers to provide their feedback on services, products and prices of items at Saples!

The store rewards its customers through a lucky draw worth $500!

There are a number of retail stores and super markets that are loved by the people and have earned a lot of profit over the time. One of such retail stores is staples. Staples is a company that was initially known as The Business Depot.

The main products that the company deals in include the technologically related ones such as the computers and TVs. You can get the best quality electronics from the company and that too in a price that is lesser than the original.

Along with that, great furniture items can be brought from the outlets in including the printing machines. If you want to have some school supplies, all you need to do is to visit the retail house and you will get them.

Not only can this but a great variety of medical supplies also be obtained. Owing to this great variety, the company earned revenue of more than thirteen billion in the last year.


Get to know about the Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the help of the survey that the company has come up with, you can now answer some simple questions and get your hands on the gift vouchers by the company.

These gift vouchers are worth five hundred dollars and you have almost twelve chances to win them by answering some simple questions asked in the Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Staples Survey and its requisites:

  • To be a part of the Staples Survey, you simply need to get your hands on a laptop or a mobile phone and go to the website
  • Once you open the first page, you will be asked to enter the store number from which you made the purchase.
  • After that, you’ll have to register for the survey and for that, a code will be required to put in.
  • The code can be found from the receipt of the last purchase from the company.
  • Once you enter the survey, answer the few satisfaction based questions and get your hand son amazing discount vouchers in return!


More about Staples

The company is that of a subsidiary type and was founded long time back in the year 1991. The company started off its business at Ontario.

It was started as a small business place from where people could buy whatever they wanted to at any time and that too, in a retail price. With time, the company got success and opened new outlets at other places as well.

Till now, the company has more than three hundred and ten outlets all over Canada. The president of the company is Mary Sagat and with the help of his employees, he is earning millions of revenue from the company every year.

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  1. I have had an account with staples in Manchester NH before 2012 protecting my two laptop computers.

    When I bought my 11.5 lap top I was greeted my Isaac of Londerry, NH 2015. With Isaac’s help, I got a great deal of trading my old lap top that had windows 7 to a smaller lap top. He had the most informative and great customer service.

    Fast forward I have moved to Nashua 2016. I needed to update and service my security on my lap top. No records on me having an account with Staples and was charged $155 to update. I went home to get my records, found indeed it was still protected and was refunded my funds.
    When I called to see if my lap top was ready; they said they had NO RECORDS of me dropping off the lap top. After some time they found the computer.

    PROBLEM- Nashua didn’t have the records that were in Londerry

    Fast forward. Received an e-mail that my SOHOs will expired in June, 2017. After the bad experience in Nashua, went to Amherst, May 18,. Again no records. I asked :why wasn’t Staples able to pull up accounts from different stores. He couldn’t answer. Said my SOHOs expired 2016. I explained and showed my records that I had update my security protection in Londonderry but this store is closer to home. Told me me I had awesome records but still need me to charge full price for SOHOS on both laptops even thought I showed him the e-mail that I could get it $79 ea.

    Said Staples is no longer supported by SOHOs but could get McAffie for $79 each for “2” years but would delete the remaining two months from SOHOs. He told me my security was to expire July 17, 2017 not June 17, 2017, I went ahead and did that and left the two lap tops to him

    Mon, May 21, was told my manager that the salesman made an error and told me the McAffie was one year each, but will transfer back to SOHOs as I had til June 17th to update my lap tops. Was told by the manager that Staples would be no longer support SOHOs but McAffie only. If I wanted help thru Staples I needed to used McAffie

    Now I am upset
    1- No records of customer accounts between stores
    2- When quoted and paid for the protection they should honor their word

    I bought and installed Norton Security. As lease I still have records that wont be lost between stores

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