Give Your Feedback by Filling the Dunelm Customer Satisfaction Survey and Win £250

What makes a house your home? Is it material things like the walls and the furniture? Or the people living in, your family and loved ones? Whatever others may say, the truth is that both those things are important. Without furniture, your family would have nowhere to sit or sleep, and without family, your furniture would be useless. So, if furniture is what you’re looking for to make your home complete, then Dunelm is the place you need to go. Founded back in 1979, Dunelm has been widely successful amongst its customers because the company listens to them and makes sure to provide them with everything they need.

The Dunelm Customer Satisfaction Survey:

How do companies stay ahead of the competition and make sure they don’t fall behind the times? By giving their customers what they want or need, right? But, how do they find out what they need? By asking them through customer surveys. Dunelm is one such company, and the survey it conducts to improve itself is the Dunelm Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Steps to Follow:

  1. First, access the survey by visiting from your preferred device.
  1. You can start the survey right away by answering the questions regarding the company, while keeping in mind your most recent visit.
  1. Keep pressing “Next” and answering the questions until you reach the end of the survey.
  1. After you have answered all of the questions, you will be eligible to take part in the £250 sweepstakes.


Dunelm Group plc, or better known as simply Dunelm, is a British retailer of home furnishings. It is currently headquartered in Syston, United Kingdom, and has over 150 stores throughout the country. These stores also include more than a hundred in-store Pausa coffee shops. These stores are kept running smoothly through the over 5,600 employees working for the company, and making sure customers have the best experience when they come in.

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