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A number of restaurants have started working in the market over the last few years which has made the process of decision making a but difficult for the customers. When a person has to go out on a dinner with a lot of friends, everyone seems to have a different option to go by. This makes the final decision tough to be made. When the friends are a lot in number, the final decision takes a lot of time and is quite complicated. However, one such place that anyone would love to go no matter what others say is Sonic Drive-In. this place is considered to be one of the bests when it comes to talking about good food. It has amazing food items listed in its menus making it impossible to resist any of those items. Sonic Drive-In is a public company that is working in the industry or restaurants for a very long period of time. It is known for delicious food items served by it and the ambiance that is worth an experience. The company was originated long time back in the year 1953 and since then it has been gaining more and more revenue with every passing year. Founded by Troy Smith, the company is one of the bests in the world when it comes to food and service.

The Sonic Drive-In Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The company has a survey to offer to its customers. This survey asks the customers to answer a few simple questions that are basically related to the taste of the food served to them and the environment at which they ate the food. These simple questions can be answered in just ten minutes and if your internet is working really well; all you will have to spend is five minutes to be done with the Sonic Drive-In Customer Satisfaction Survey questions. Once you are done, you will get a voucher providing you the facility to have some discount on your next visit.

Sonic Drive-In Survey steps:

  • The Sonic Drive-In Survey requires you to go to the link
  • This link opens up the first page of the survey welcoming you on board.
  • Next, you will have to answer some personal questions related to your age, gender and profession.
  • The survey will ask you further questions including the number of times you visit the place, the taste of the food served to you and the rating of the environment you were served the food in.


The main product offered by the company to its customers is fast food. No matter how many places you visit in order to have burgers and fries, you would always want to come back to Sonic Drive-In and taste its food. Owing to this love by the customers, the company made revenue of more than six hundred million dollars in the last year while the net income by the company was recorded to be a whooping amount of sixty-four million. The total number of people working in the company is more than ninety-two hundred all over the world.

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