Carrabba’s Customer Satisfaction Survey comes with an Amazing SweepStake


The Carrabba’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is out there so customers can give their feedback regarding the services and the food Carrabba’s offers. The customers are then rewarded by giving them a chance to win cash prizes of $1000 or 80 prizes of $50 through a lucky draw!

Having the same kind of food every time you decide to dine out with your friends or family members makes your life monotonous. When it comes to dinning out after a long hectic day, most of the people go for casual dining.

The main reason behind this is the fact that neither do they have to dress up quite well and nor do they have to pay a great amount of money later on. However, you can connect both the aspects of fine dining as well as casual one by choosing the right kind of place to go and eat.

One of such places is Carrabba’s that lets you not only eat the fine food but you can also go there wearing casual attire. Carrabba’s is an organization that is working in the industry of the restaurants. It belongs to the genre of casual dining and was founded longtime back in the year 1986.

The company was started off initially as a small time dining area for the local people. However, with the passage of the time, it got more and more love from the customers. With time it got so much of the success that it got its branches in other places as well.

Get to know about the Carrabba’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now, the company has come up with yet another amazing concept and through it, it thinks that people will love to be a part of it.

The concept is that of asking the customers about their points of view related to the taste of the products offered to them and the speed of the service. This is a simple survey that comes with the name of Carrabba’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

If you have been a part of the company as being one of the customers to it, you can be a part of the survey whenever you want to. All you need to have is a laptop connected with the internet.

The customers are then rewarded by giving them a chance to win cash prizes of $1000 or 80 prizes of $50 through a lucky draw!

The steps to follow

  • The first step is to go to the link
  • Once you go to the link, you will have to enter the survey code.
  • The code can be found from the receipt of the last purchase that you made with any of the outlets of the company.
  • Next, you’ll have to choose the language with which you want to answer the questions.
  • Choose the option of whether you went for the idea of dine-in or take away.
  • Answering the questions related to the level of satisfaction that you got from the items served by the company to you will lead you to the end of the survey.


About Carrabba’s

The company is known for its Italian cuisine and all the items in its menu are much loved by the people all over the world.

Even though the headquarter of the company is in Florida but has more than two hundred and fifty branches all over the united states of America.

In almost all the states of the country, the company has its branches that are crowded almost all the times. The yummy pizza offered by the company and the delicious seafood served in all of its outlets are loved by the customers.

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