Fazoli’s Customer Satisfaction Survey comes with huge discount so the menu!


Fazoli’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is there so that their customers can give their feedback regarding the services being offered by Fazoli’s! the customers are the offered great discounts on their menu items!

Going out for lunch or dinner with your friends and family members is quite an exciting thing to do. This gets even more thrilling when you when you do it after a whole week of stressing for your work or studies.

However, when it comes to eating out, different people have different choices. If you are going out with a lot of people, choosing where to go and which cuisine to have is the most difficult decision ever! Where some people want Chinese, others want Italian or some other type. In such situation, the best way out is to dine at a place that offers a variety of cuisines under the same floor.

The company comes up with a menu card that has a variety of items in it including the fast food items to the American cuisine. Not only this but the company also provides its customers with the items that are casual yet fine such as the delicious spaghetti and scrumptious meat balls.


The other popular items by the company include pizza and breadsticks. Alfredo and salads are also quite widely ordered items by the customers.

The Fazoli’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The company has now come up with another service for the customers. This service is the one that helps both the company as well as the customers.

A survey has been started by the company and with the help of the survey; the customers can now win a chance of having great discounts in their next order to the company.

Fazoli’s gets to know about the level of services and the taste of the products offered by the company to the customers.

Through Fazoli’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, the company would be able to get better at what it does and serve the customers in just the way they want to be served.


Getting into the process:

  • In order to be a part of the survey, you need to go to the link www.tellfazolis.com.
  • The first page will require you to let the company know about some information such as the store number from which you made your purchase and the date as well as the time at which you visited the place.
  • Next, you need to let the company know whether you went for the dine-in option or the carry out one. After indicating your gender, age, and postal code, you will see a number of questions related to the products and services of the company that you’ll have to answer.

More About Fazoli’s

Fazoli’s giphy (4).gif is working in the industry of restaurants and is privately owned. Long time back in the year 1988 it was initiated by its owner as a small business in Kentucky. However, with the passage of the time, it got more and more progressive and finally, won the love of the customers

The thing that sets the company apart from other restaurants is the ability to cater to a number of customers that have different requirements and orders. Yet, all the customers are served with equal love and care and none of them goes home unsatisfied.

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