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You can earn discount on your next acquisition at Jamba jUice by participating in the jamba juice customer satisfaction survey.

Finding a good place to eat is easy a number of options available these days. However, when it comes to eating snakes or other such food, people mostly do not know where to go as options are usually limited.

When a person craves for a good quality juice that is not only made of the right ingredients but at the same time have the best possible taste, he doesn’t know which place to go to.

If you are one of those people who crave for fresh juice quite a lot, you need to visit Jamba Juice. Considered as one of the best places to have the purest possible juices from, Jamba Juice is a must go place.

Jamba Juice is a publicly owned company that is traded with the name of NASDAQ :JAMBA.

The company was started as a small place which would provide its customers with freshly made juices just according to their choices.

However, with the passage of the time, the company got more and more love from the customers and it had to add more and more outlets to serve more and more customers.

The company has more than eight hundred and fifty outlets all over the world.

The Jamba Juice Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company has now come up with something even more exciting and thrilling. The company now asks the customers to ask about the products offered by the company.

This process of letting the company know about the services and products is a survey that comes with the name of Jamba Juice Customer Satisfaction Survey.

If you have ever been a customer of the company, you can easily be a part of the survey just by using the code of your survey.

The code is written on the receipt on the last payment that you made to the company and it will let you enter the survey.


Participating in the Jamba Juice customer satisfaction survey will enable you to enjoy a discount on your next acquisition at Jamba Juice.

The survey procedure

  • The link that you need to go to in order to start the survey is
  • Once you open the first page of the survey, you will be able to see a few questions that you need to answer.
  • These questions will include the variety of the menu items offered to you, the temperature of the food, the taste that your food came up with and the friendliness of the people working in the company.

Did you know?

  • Jamba juice was founded long time back in the year 1990
  • The CEO of the company is Richard Federico
  • The employees are working really hard day and night to increase their efficiency and ability to satisfy the customers as much as possible.
  • The company has earned more and more revenue every year after its coming into existence.
  •  Last year, the company earned more than two hundred and thirty million dollars all because of the amazing products of the company and the services of the employees.
  • The company was founded in California and since then it has its headquarters there
  • The company has more than eight hundred and fifty outlets all over the world.

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