Win exciting prizes through Marco’s Pizza Survey

If you are a pizza lover and know that one place which serves you the pizza just the way you like it, you are surely lucky. Not everyone in this world is blessed enough to find a place that serves pizzas which are just in accordance to your taste buds. Where some places would sell it too spicy, other would make it bland! Where some places make the crust too thin, others make it thick. Nonetheless, finding the right place to have the flavor of your demands is the best thing ever! One of such places that provide pizza that would satisfy your taste buds is Marco’s Pizza. Known for a wide range in its products served to the customers, Marco’s Pizza has made quite a lot of customers in a small period of time. Marco’s Pizza is a privately owned company and deals in the industry or retails. The company was founded on the year 1978 and since then it is gaining more and more customers with every passing day. The first outlet of the company was opened in Oregon. However, with time more people came pouring in and now the company serves at many places. The headquarters of the company are now in Toledo.

Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey:

If you have ever been a customer of Marco’s Pizza and have ordered their delicious items, you now have the chance to win some exciting prizes. The process to win these prizes is really easy and all you need to do is to answer some simple questions asked in the survey. The name of the survey is Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey and it entails some really easy questions. The process will take hardy ten minutes and you will be able to be done with it soonest possible. To start off, you need to get your hands on the receipt of your last order and it will help you in entering the survey. The receipt number of the survey will be required to enter the survey and answer the asked questions.

The simple steps:

  • The link that you need to follow to answer the survey questions is
  • Once you enter it, you will see a plethora of questions assembled there.
  • Each question will have five options next to it and any one of them will be required to be chosen in order to answer that particular question.
  • Once you are done with all the questions, you will be thanked and to your email, a code will be sent.
  • This code can be used to be a part of a luck draw and win exciting prizes.


Under the supervision of the founder of the company Pasquale Giammarco and the chief executive officer Jack Butorac, the company has progressed quite a lot. The main products that are loved the most by the company are pizzas and subs. The company that makes it one of the best places to go to and grab a pizza serves a vast variety of pizzas. Along with these items, the chicken wings served by the company are also too tasty to give away.

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