Share you experience at Office Depot through their Customer Satisfaction Survey and win amazing discounts!

Office Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

Office depot Customer satisfaction Survey is provided by Office Depot to its customers to get their valuable feedback through online forms. Customers who give their valuable feedback get a $10 off on purchases of $50 or more!

Be a part of the Office Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to stay connected to its customers, the company has come up with a survey! With Office Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey, you’ll have to answer some really simple questions.

Filling in the survey has rewards for the customer as their feedback is valued at Office Depot! The customer gets a $10 off on the purchases they make above $50!

These questions will be related to the level of satisfaction that you got while having and using the supplies from the company the survey is composed of a few simple questions that come with options to be chosen from. These options range from being highly satisfactory to highly dis-satisfactory.

You need to answer every question by choosing any of the options and that will help the company in knowing what the customers think of it and its items sold to them.

Requirements for the Customer Satisfaction survey

There are a certain requirements that are there in order to be a part of the survey

  • You will need a internet connection
  • A device on which you can access the website
  • A recent sales receipt that have from the purchases you have made.
  • The minimum age for participating is 18 years, minors cannot take part.

The simple steps to follow

  1. The first thing that you need to do in order to be a part of the survey is to go to the link
  2. Once you open the link, you will see the first page that would welcome you on board
  3. . Next you’ll have to put in your survey code. The code is written on the receipt of the items you bought from the company the last time you visited any of its outlets.
  4. Along with that, you’ll have to enter the date as well as the time on which you had visited the company’s outlet. You will then be required to tell the company how often you make purchases from the company!
  5. Answering a few more questions will lead you towards the end of the survey.
  6. Your reward will automatically be emailed to you.


Things you need to know about the company

Office depot belongs to the industry of specialty retail and was founded in 1986.

This means that the company has been in the business for more than thirty years. The company has now progressed quite a lot and has more than two thousand locations in the world.

The company basically provides its services and supplies to the area surrounding the north of America. It deals majorly in furniture items, technological stuff, office supplies and printing items. The company has been loved by the customers and the revenue it has collected in the last year was more than $14b.

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