Popeyes amazing survey offers you gift vouchers!

By taking part in the Popeyes customer satisfaction survey, a participant can get tremendous gift vouchers.

If eating is the most favorite thing for you to do in this world, you must have tried almost all the best restaurants available for you to provide the most amazing food items to you.

Food is the best thing in this world and finding the right place that serves your favorite items in just the way you want them to have is what everyone dreams for.

Trying various cuisines is one of an incredible thing and people make sure to try out as many places serving the best possible food as possible. If you are a fan of fast food, you must have had the experience of the amazing food served at Popeyes.

Known for a great cuisine, Popeyes is a subsidiary type of company that has been working in the industry of restaurants for a very long period of time.

The genera that the company belongs to is fast food and if you look forward to having the best fast food ever, you have to choose Popeyes for that.


Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey is another amazing thing that the company has come up with. If you have ever been a customer of the company, you can avail the chance of having thousand to fifteen hundred dollars’ worth of gift vouchers.

The best thing about it is that this survey can help you in winning these gift vouchers for around ten years.

In order to be a part of the survey, all you need to have is a laptop that should be connected to the internet. A stable internet connection will help you in answering all the questions on time and moving towards the end of the survey.

Steps to take the survey

  • The link that you need to do is to go to the link www.tellpopeyes.com
  •  This link will lead you to the front page of the website and the first thing you will have to enter will be the date and time when you visited the place as well as the restaurant number that you visited.
  • The next questions that you have to answer include the treatment you got from the restaurant members and the speed at which you got the order.
  • Along with that, the restaurant’s environment is also needed to be rated by you.

Did you know?

  • Popeyes started its business in the year 1972
  • Under the supervision of Al Copeland who is the chief executive officer of the company, the company has achieved a lot.
  • The company has more than twenty-six hundred outlets all over the world.
  • Popeyes is known for some of the best items possible including the amazing fast food, the yummy biscuits and scrumptious vegetables.
  • The fried chicken and Cajun cuisine is also one of the most ordered items in the menu.
  • The company has been working for more than forty-four years
  • The first outlet of the company was initiated in Louisiana
  • The headquarters of the company are in Georgia

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