Get a free cookie by filling out the Subway Survey!

Where the entire world is moving towards unhealthy food that is extremely fattening and ghoulish, there is one company that is actually working towards providing its customers with healthy food.

That one company is subway! Since the beginning, the company has been there with all its delicious sub sandwiches that provide its customers with the healthiest possible snacks.

If you are trying to live a healthy life and at the same time, you love to eat out, that one place you can always rely upon is Subway. The best thing about subways is that it has so many options to choose from that you actually start loving ordering and getting the food more than eating it.

With all the healthy veggies laid in front of you, you actually start acknowledging the importance of a healthy diet.

It has a number of options available from you burgers to salads, from breakfast to drinks and from ice-creams to delicious cookies, the outlets have it all.

Healthy food leads to healthy living

Just like every company looking forward to improving, subways also ensures providing its customers with the chances to stay connected with the customers and knowing their feedback.

The latest way through which the company is doing that is Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey that lets you tell the company what you think of the services and the products offered by the company to you.

This can be done simply by typing the website url on your laptop or mobile phone and answering some simple questions.


You can get a free cookie by participating in the Subway customer satisfaction survey.

The Subway Survey

  • While answering the questions, make sure that you make the survey valuable for the company.
  • To do that, let the company know about the date and time on which you had visited the outlet so that any issue reported by you can be sorted out as soon as possible.
  • While answering the questions of the survey, you will have to simply rate the services and products of the company and that would let them know where they stand in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • Along with that, in order to win a thank you cookie from the company, do not forget to give away your email id so that a unique code can be send to you.

Did you know?

  • Subway was actually started in the year 1965 and is till now surprising the people with its healthy options provided to them
  • Known for its scrumptious sub sandwiches as well as the healthiest most salads, Subway is basically operated as well as owned by doctors association so there is no chance of you going wrong by choosing the subway stuff over others
  • Having its chains in almost all the major cities in the world, it keeps increasing its revenue every year
  •  Along with that, to keep the excitement of the customers intact for everything, the company comes with sub of the day and free cookie schemes that makes them want to have them in every cost
  • You can never have enough of subway no matter you get your hands on an eleven-inch sandwich or the meals of the day

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