Winn-Dixie Survey gives $5 off coupon


When you visit a store, you not only shop there but you also observe the products, the service and the atmosphere of the store. If you find the store features to be appropriate you recommend to others too but if you see any mistake or trouble you wish to tell to the company agent so that they can improve, one method that can help you pass your suggestion/complaint to the company is submitting the survey which is conducted by company itself to receive feedback about your experience. So it’s a fair game on both sides, one wants to express other wants to know.

Winn-Dixie is also conducting the survey at to keep the tradition alive and to collect the feedback for the improvement and betterment.


Winn-Dixie is a supermarket chain, established in 1925. It is headquartered in Florida. The company operates 394 in-store pharmacies and 664 grocery stores throughout the 5 southeastern states of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.


You can be a part of Winn-Dixie Survey by clicking on the link- The link will take you to the survey site where you need to share your views about the company’s offerings.


  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or PC.
  • You must be of age to take the survey.
  • You should have good internet connectivity in order to access the website.
  • You should have Winn-Dixie store receipt.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico.


When you complete the survey, you will get $5off on your next purchase of $40 or more.


  1. To complete the Winn-Dixie Survey, please go to the survey site
  2. Select the language of your region. You can take the survey in either Spanish or English.
  3. Enter the 18-digit code printed on your receipt.
  4. Answer a series of questions. The questions will be regarding your visit to the store.
  5. In the end, submit the survey.


  1. It was truly odd to get onto the Survey during this first time survey for me on this new system.
    If one leaves one “n” out of Winn, the site that comes up is not something anyone wants to be on.
    usually, the whole line of “” accesses the site. But this tme, it wanted to know if
    I wanted the site with spaces between the words.
    Also, the site that came up included many choices, such as the item that shows it is and Ad,
    and then another choice.
    and then I think the third choice was the site I needed to enter the survey.

    Perhaps it was just me, but if there is a direct way to go into the www line, and find the survey site, that would be good. Actually, if I enter survey enough, it may show up on my choices of often accessed.
    Thanks for space for this comment.

  2. You advertise items and two weeks in a row I have to go back cause the discount does not come off. This week was the chicken/ tenders/ wings/breasts. That’s 13.00 you took extra from me for your advertised sale. I don’t know if traveling the extra time to publix’s or Walmart might be in my better interest! I have been a loyal customer but as a single mom every penny counts and if your gonna scam me I need to go else where!

  3. This is the 2nd week in a row that it would not let me print my $5 off $40 coupon, I sent a message last week and never got a reply and it did not put it on my receipt when I checked out on Sept 15th. No point in me filling out the surveys if the coupon will not come up to print out or show up on my card.

  4. my coupon for the $5.00 appears in my shopping clip board, butt when I get to the store it does not come off. I have called corporate and they were looking into this with the IT guys. This has been going on since they switched to the SEG card. Do not understand what the problem is, but I have spent about 5 hours on the phone trying to get this fixed. Every time I shop the manager has to do the coupon manually . This is crazy. Just fix the problem.

  5. Since September Winn Dixie’s $5 off your purchase of $40 or more and the digital coupons have not worked here in south Louisiana. I have complained to management many times but nothing has improved. I know more about the program and how it works than both the employees and management. At first they thought I didn’t take the survey or was trying to take it more than once a week. Then they thought I wasn’t enrolled in the program, then they tried to blame my iPad, then said I had to download their app all of which was wrong. Now they admit that many customer are having the same problems but insists that there is nothing they can do. HOW ABOUT GOING BACK TO US HAVING TO PRINT THE $5 OFF COUPONS AS WE HAD TO DO IN JULY AND AUGUST!!! BAD MANAGEMENT AND FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

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