Win a cash prize through Vintage Inns Survey!

If you participate in the Vintage inns customer satisfaction survey, you can win a tremendous cash prize.

Most of the people are always worried about their weekend plans. They want to go to a fun place that will not require them to pay much. One of the main reasons why people look forward to going to a less costly place is the fact that going out is a regular thing for them.

After a long and hectic week, they love to hang out with their friends. However, going to an expensive place every weekend is obviously not feasible.

A place with a good environment and tasty food yet requiring you to pay less is the ideal one in such situation. One of the best places to go for in this scenario is Vintage Inns.

Vintage Inns is a public company that is a subsidiary to Mitchells & Butlers plc. Vintage Inns is known for its amazing food that comes in a low price. Dealing in the industry of restaurants and pubs, the company has been in the business for a long period now.

It mainly has youngsters as its customers that love its ambiance and the ability to pay less yet enjoy a lot.

Vintage Inns Survey

A new thing that Vintage Inns has come up with is a survey through which you can rate the company’s services. The survey is quite simple and asks you some random questions related to the products offered to you during your last visit and the quality of these items.

The Vintage Inns Customer Satisfaction Survey requires availability of an internet connection on any of the electronic devices through which you can go to the link and answer the simple questions asked by it.


By participating in the survey, you can get £1000 worth cash prize. It provides tremendous proffers which can be reclaimed on the partipant’s next visit.

How to participate

  • The link will take you to the first page of the survey that would welcome you on board.
  • Next, you will have to enter the telephone number of the outlet that you had visited. The number of the outlet can be found from the receipt of your last payment to the company.
  • After doing that, you will have to rate the services of the company by answering the asked questions. These questions include the number of times you visit the company and if you are satisfied enough to visit the company again or not.
  • Along with that, you need to rate the taste of the food that you were served with and the efficiency with which the waiters came to your service.

Rules that you must follow

  • A participant must be 13 or above in order to participate in the survey
  • The users must be able to understand english
  • You should take the survey in the same week you made a visit to the restaurant
  • Users must note that they should not sell their coupons
  • One offer by one person can be claimed at one visit
  • The validation code that you win is valid till thirty days

Some additional information

  • Vintage Inns was initiated in the year 2003
  • As the main customers of the company are youngsters, the main items that they love to have are the ones that come from the pubs
  • Alongside, the usual fast food items come in a low price that are ordered by the customers widely
  • The company has its headquarters in Birmingham
  • The people operating it are Phill Urban who is the chief executive officer of the company and Bob Ivell who is the chairperson of the company

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