Walgreen’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is giving you a chance to win crazy $$$

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The Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey is there to get feedback from the customers; the customers are rewarded and appreciated for their feedback through a lucky draw worth $3000! Woah!

Walgreens is loved by people all over the world owing to it being the best place to shop all your stuff for domestic use as well as for the items that you use for your personal care. Apart from that, you can get your hands on the finest clothing items from the retail company and have them for the longest time.

Not only are these but the electrical appliances also available in these retail stores that you can get your hands on.

The Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you are a regular customer of Walgreens, you just have a chance to win more than three thousand dollars’ worth prizes every month.

The process is really easy and all you need to do in order to get your hands on this amount, you have to answer some really simple questions. These questions are asked on a website www.wagcares.com and are a part of the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The survey is pretty straightforward and requires you to answer some really simple questions related to your experience of the company’s services as well as products. If you loved them with all your heart, you need to select the option of highly satisfied.

On the other hand, if you have some issues, you need to select the least satisfactory option.

Once you are done you get to try your luck in their monthly lucky draw worth $3000! You are automatically entered into the lucky draw upon filling the survey.

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Entering the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • After entering the first page of the website, you would have to enter the survey number. Once done, you can move to the next step which includes you putting in your password.
  • The password would be sent to you on your email id once you give one to the company’s information. The next step that you have is to enter the time as well as the date on which you had gone to the retail store for a purchase.
  • After that, enter the start button and you would be able to start the survey right away.

Are you satisfied?

Now, you would be unleashed to a number of questions and you would have to choose the answer being satisfactory, highly satisfactory or not satisfactory at all. Once done, you would be able to win a gift card worth 3,000 dollars.


About Walgreens

The company is in more than eight thousand places in the world which makes it one of the biggest retailers all over the world.

The company was founded in the year 1801 and since then, it has been growing with great leaps and bounds. Having its origin in the United States of America, it is now known at almost every place of earth as a customer loved retail store.

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