Get KFC GO CUP coupons on taking KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey


KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey is provided by KFC to record the valuable feedback of its customers. The customers who will take part in completing the survey will get free KFC Go Cup Coupons!

Adding a prize or a gift voucher to the survey helps the company in collecting as many responses as possible. One of such survey has been launched by KFC where it asks its customers various qualities about the products and services that are being provided to them by the company.

When a company launches a new product, asking the customers about their points of view through a survey saves a lot of time, money and resources of the company

The products KFC offer are no news to anyone, Everyone knows about KFC and their scrumptious, juicy Chicken.

Get to know more about the KFC UK Customer Satisfaction Survey reward

The company now wants to ask the customers about the views that they have about the products and services that are offered to them.

This is being done through a simple online survey named as KFC UK Customer Satisfaction Survey that asks its customers a few questions and gets to know what they actually think about it.

The KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey participants win the amazing KFC Go Cups upon completing the survey! This is an attractive offer for the customer.

The KFC Go Cup are favorite among the customers and this is the main reason the customers take part in the survey willingly!

The feedback should be honest, and the Go Cup coupon is given away on every survey taken.

In order to be a part of the survey, you need to have a laptop or a mobile phone with you that need to be connected to a stable internet connection for the efficient answering of the questions.

Along with this, you need a recent receipt from KFC.


The steps you need to follow to take part in the Survey

  • The link will lead to you the first page of the survey where you will have to put in the survey code.
  • The survey code can be found in the receipt that you will get from the company with the order delivery.
  • Once started, the store number will have to be added to it along with the order number and the date and time when you visited the outlet.
  • Along with all these information, tell the type of the visit as being dine in or take away.
  • Next you’ll be taken to the page that will have the questions you need to answer and with every question, you’ll have to select the option of being excellent, good, average, below average or poor.
  • Once you are done, give your contact information to the company to end the process.giphy (1).gif

Facts about KFC

KFC is one of the most sought after companies in the world of the fast food business. It is an America chain with its headquarters in Kentucky.

It is the world’s largest restaurant chain after McDonalds. It has around 25,000 outlets all around the globe and earns revenue of a whooping $23 billion!


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