Mark and Spencer Customer Satisfaction Survey, a chance to win 250£!


Marks & Spencer Customer Satisfaction Survey is your chance to tell M&S about your experience at their store and give your feedback on their products. This will get you a chance to win 250 pounds

This is a token of appreciation from Mark and Spencer to its customers for taking part in the survey

There are people who prefer quality over quantity and make sure that worth of the clothes that they buy is always high class. In such scenario, they would end up buying lesser amount of clothes than other but are still okay with the fact that these items are at least long lasting.

If you are among people, you would have made a purchase from Marks and Spencer at least once in your life time. Known for its amazing quality of the products, Marks and Spencer is loved by people all around the world.

The Mark and Spencer Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to return the love gained from the customers till now, the company has decided to give it back now. The company gives you a chance to win 250£ through a lucky draw. The process is that of answering some simple questions related to the services as well as the quality of the products you bought from the company.

The survey provided by M&S is well structured and asks precise questions about customers personal experience and ways they can improve their workings!

In order to be a part of the Mark and Spencer Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need to have a laptop or a mobile phone along with a strong internet connection so that you can answer all the questions efficiently.

You must be 18 or above of age and having possession of a recent purchase receipt from M&S


Steps for the Survey

  • Start off with going to the link
  • Once you open the first page, you will have to type in the receipt number
  • Then you will have to put in the general information from your side which includes your age, the gender you have, whether you are employed or not,  what’s the best thing about the company’s products for you and whether the people working at Marks and Spencer friendly while helping you or not?
  • After answering all these questions, you’ll reach the main part where you’ll see some questions along with some options next to them.
  • Choose the right option just according to the level of satisfaction you had in each scenario and hit DONE.

More about M&S

Marks and Spencer is a British multinational clothing brand. It has its headquarters in Westminster. The main aim of the company is to provide fashionable, quality products to its customers.

It was founded 1884 by Thomas Spencer and Michael Mark. It has stores around 1463 locations world wide

In the last year, the revenue earned by the company was calculated to be more than 11 billion dollars which is surely quite a huge amount.

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