5 Most Prominent Locations at Your Home to Install CCTV Cameras!

Nowadays, protecting your home is very important. Security cameras are a great way to protect your home. You keep an extra eye on your home with the help of outdoor and indoor cameras whether you are home or not. If you are looking for the most advance and reasonable security cameras for protection, you are at the right place. The First Digital Surveillance offers you the most advanced security cameras which can also connect to your mobile phone.

Every house has a different layout so security cameras installation must be in the right place so you can see each part of your home. In this article, you will get to know the most prominent locations where you can do CCTV cameras installation to secure your house. Having a CCTV camera in your home keeps you and your family safe at all times.

Front door

34% of Security cameras installers prefer the front door for security camera installation. A camera on the front door helps you to tab on everyone who enters your home. It keeps an eye from family members to home deliveries and more. Video doorbells are the best choice if you install your camera at the front door.

Corners of the house

Putting security cameras on the corners of the house is the most beneficial way to view your house from the inside. It gives the biggest view all over the house. It helps you to maintain your house, have an eye on your servants as well.

Common areas

Security cameras installers will guide you to the best places for security cameras installation according to your house but installing cameras in the living room and kitchen is a great way to have a look at your house. You can also consider large rooms with big windows for CCTV cameras installation. Do not put the cameras in the bathroom or any place that invades your privacy.

Main stairs

Main stairs are a great point of security camera installation. If someone breaks in through the bedroom or bathroom, it will be easy to capture through stairs and hallways.

Back and side doors

To have an eye on everyone who enters and exits in your house, you must add cameras on the back and side door. Back and side cameras are a secondary camera which helps you to secure your house from backside. Do not install your cameras at certain points that violate your neighbor’s privacy.

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