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Remember that decade old movie called three idiots, central character / hero of the movie gave a rather simplistic definition of ‘machine’, anything that makes our (human’s) job easier is called a machine. We thought to ourselves, wow! So that is really a machine…does not have to be something complex or big, a tool like a nut cracker could also be called a machine by this definition. All a nut cracker does, is make our job easier, when we need to just crack a nut. Ever thought what modern day consumer electronics do, we think these consumer electronics are a step (may be more than just a step) further ahead of a simple machine. Modern day consumer electronics are designed to make our ‘life’ easier. Even if we look at consumer electronics from more than a decade ago, like smart phones, well that makes our life a little too easy at times. If you look at some more recent and further advanced consumer electronics products, Alexa and other home automation devices have us sitting in our couches enjoying movies on TV and not even get up to turn on / off the lights. All of these modern day electronics are making our life and living standards much better.

With the advent of Internet of Things (IOT), possibilities to do something new and creative have gone endless. Wondering what IOT is, well that is at its core, sensor technology that can communicate with other devices in real time, in many cases now, even connect to a Wi-Fi network and send data it has collected to a far off system where another sophisticated piece of consumer electronics device can take a decision based on that. A very common IOT based consumer electronics product is smart watches, which by use of its sensors can become an oximeter too. This is literally a life saving device during Covid-19 pandemic when conventional / purpose built oximeters are severely short from market. Let us talk about another scenario where modern day consumer electronics are not only making lives better, but even saving lives…we have sensor based electronic devices that take vitals of senior citizens (old aged people) at a regular frequency and transmit vitals data to Alexa or a central senior care system which then keeps a check on old aged people specially living alone. This is mind blowing and we are not even talking about small electronics devices like washing machines, dish washers, iron, hair straightener, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, refrigerators and so many more consumer electronics that are making our everyday life far better and easier.

At Italiana store, we are making it possible to get some really handy consumer electronic devices via online shopping. Online buying has also shifted gears during current global pandemic, going from a luxury / a choice to become essential. Online buying helps you stay home and stay safe. Online shopping portals like ours are making everyday life easier during these pandemic and many of these online shopping portals have everything a consumer need, consumer electronics too.

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