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The First Watch Cafe Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to gain insight into the customer’s views and experiences that is fruitful for the company to keep its employees on toes. This survey will give you a chance to win a special discount on your next visit.

This reward is provided to you as an incentive for giving your extremely valuable feedback. First Watch Cafe serves you with a fresh and healthy meal. Get the best coffee, cozy environment and a Free WiFi. Your visit is going to be worth it.

Not in a mood to make breakfast? Hungry but tired? No need to worry about, just get up, dress up and drive straight to the First Watch Cafe. Once you visited it you will get a chance to win free food item or a discount coupon for your next visit.

With an easy guide and detailed instructions, this article will help you in taking the survey without any hassle.

Quick Facts

  1. The first watch is a restaurant in Pacific Grove’ California.
  2. It was founded in 1983 by Ken Pendery and John Sullivan.
  3. This chain is spread across 26 stated and covers more than 200 locations.
  4. This restaurant has 6000 employees that serve this restaurant and playing a major role.
  5. It serves the best breakfast, brunch, and lunch with a wide variety in town.
  6. This restaurant has won many awards i.e. “Best places to work” (2018), “Best family dining restaurant” (2010), “Second 100 restaurant brand” (2015) and “Top consumer pick” (2015).
  7. The survey was done and this chain ranked as the best breakfast seller based on their taste, prices, service, and menu.


Get a special offer of a discount on completing the First Watch Café Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Steps to Complete the First Watch Customer Satisfaction Survey

First Watch Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online survey which requires your honest thoughts or opinions about the restaurant. Surveys are a dose for any company. It helps them improvising the system. Before you fill the survey keep in mind that you have a WiFi connection. Also, keep the receipt from your last visit along. It will only take 5 minutes.

  1. Click on the URL given,
  2. Enter 15 digit code from the receipt in the space given. A diagram is also made on the same page that will help you in finding the code from your receipt.
  3. “Start” the survey.
  4. Answer all the personal demographic information. From this, they will interpret that what kind of people visit them.
  5. Answer all the questions and rate your experience.
  6. Submit it and note down the validation code that will appear on your screen.

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