Win amazing prizes through Olive Survey!

By participating in the Olive garden customer satisfaction survey, a participant can win tremendous rewards.

Dinning out is one of the simplest pleasures that people of this era are used to. After a hectic week of deadline and back to back work activities, they find solace in the realms of their favorite restaurants.

They find it easy to go out with their friends and eat rather than staying at home and make food for them. There are a number of options that they can avail when it comes to eating out.

One of such options is Olive Garden. Known for its amazing environment, Olive Garden is one of the best places to go for when one wants to have a good experience of eating.

If you are looking forward to a calm evening, Olive Garden is the place you need to go to. Being a division of the Darden Restaurants, it is quite a fine place to dine at.

The organization deals in the industry of restaurants and in the genre of casual dining. No matter what kind of a day you had, an outing at the olive garden will surely cheer up your mood.

 The Olive Garden Customer Satisfaction Survey

Olive garden has come up with another great activity for its customers. The customers are now being asked about their experience at any of the outlets of the company.

They are being asked to rate the company’s services as well as the products. You need to tell if the taste of the items served by the company is good or not and whether the environment is comfortable or not.

The Olive Garden Customer Satisfaction Survey is for each and every person out there who has visited this place ever in his lifetime and is up for answering some questions.

Once done, you will get some great discounts which can be availed in the next visit of yours to the restaurant.


By participating in the survey, you can win a grand cash prize worth $1000 in cash and one hundred prizes of $50 in cash. These rewards will be proffered to the participant in the form of a check.

Steps to follow

  • To start off, you need to go to the link
  • This link will take you to a page where you will have to enter the survey code
  • After entering it, you will answer some simple questions related to yourself like your age, occupation, number of times you have visited the place and some others
  • Next, you will be asked questions related to the food and services of the company that you need to answer keeping in mind you experience from your last visit.

Did you know?

  • Olive garden was founded in the year 1982
  • The restaurant is known for some of its most amazing food items.
  • The most loved ones of them fall in the category of the Italian cuisine and are that of the pastas, chicken, bread sticks and the yummy salads.
  • The seafood of Olive Garden is also known all over the world. The quick service of the employees coupled with tasty food makes this place a worth visiting place.
  • The founder of the company is Bill Darden who started it off in Orlando
  • The head office of the restaurant is still in Orlando

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  1. I was disappointed that my order was confirmed 5 days prior to pick up and was missing 2 proteins, meatballs and sausage. The manager came and added them to my order but charged me $15.39 for 10 meatballs and $15.29 for 8 sausage. My total order was for $203.82 with $11.54 sales tax. The waitress that put my order together Katelyn was excellent. When she reviewed my order and I stated the 2 proteins were missing, she immediately got the manager who added the items but charged me for them. When I ordered with Richard over the phone I asked 3 times that 3 proteins were added and he said yes. My family absolutely loved the food, the only disappointment was the additional cost for the 2 proteins.being on a fixed income is hard but since I had family from out of state and I frequent your store a lot I paid the additional cost. Is there anyway to reimbursement me for the additional items? I appreciate anything you can do. Please tell me why you do not have a senior citizen or AARP discount. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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