Pakistani Dresses Care Tips by Shireen Lakdawala

Buying Pakistani designer dresses is the best thing you can do to make your wardrobe trendy and latest. However, it does cost a lot and so this means you need to make sure your dresses last longer. This way, you can get a lot of value for your investment.

While most people invest a lot in designer dresses, they need to keep in mind that the way they wash, dry, iron, and reuse the dresses is crucial. You need to think about ways to prevent the clothes from losing their color and elegance. Going about these the usual way, the way you handle everyday clothes is a mistake. You will only end up losing the show of the designer dresses.

When it comes to Shireen Lakdawala Pakistani dresses, there are three important things to keep in mind. These designer clothes are made using only the best quality of fabric and threads. However, to make sure they do not lose the beadwork, dabka, pearls, and other adornments, some delicate handling is necessary.

3 Important Tips by Shireen Lakdawala

Here are three exclusive tips you can use when you buy clothes from this designer brand. For other brands, you may surely have to follow other directions given by them.

·        Only Dry Clean’

Dry cleaning is better than wet cleaning. It cleans better and it does not damage the clothes. The cleaning agents they use and the techniques they apply remove any risk of burning the delicate fabrics and losing the handwork on these clothes. Overall, dry cleaning helps increase the life of your expensive Pakistani designer dresses. Therefore, Shireen Lakdawala insists on only dry cleaning their clothing lines to enjoy them and ensure that they last longer without losing their sparkle.

·        Never Send to the Laundry

Sending daily wear to the laundry is a good option because they do not have expensive thread, delicate fabric and are not expensive. On the other hand, sending your Pakistani designer dresses to the laundry means letting the cleaners use harsh reagents, machines, and extreme heat. This means they would unwittingly destroy the fabric. Shireen Lakdawala uses only the purest silk, chiffon, organza, and other materials to make their amazing clothing lines. You would not want to spend so much and then see the clothes ruined after one wear. Therefore, we insist on you sending the clothes to the dry cleaner instead.

·        Never Use Bleach and Other Chemicals

Sometimes, even if there are stains because of spills, it is best to leave them to the dry cleaners to handle the stains. They use agents that can delicately remove the stains completely or enough to make them seem rather faded. Since this approach preserves the colors of the dress, the stain will become less visible with time, dry clean after dry clean.

Before you move on, here is a very important fact. Shireen Lakdawala does not have a return or exchange policy if you do not follow these care guidelines. Therefore, be very careful and stick to these guidelines.

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