Starbucks Survey: Take $1000 Voucher Home!

Starbucks Survey: Take $1000 Voucher Home!

It feels good when you take a survey and you get an incentive. The same way Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey will earn you $1000 gift card applied on all items for your future visits. Not only this, but you can also get a chance to enter sweepstakes every month.

Starbucks — your ultimate coffee destination where you get to revitalize your senses by the sip of divine coffee that is cherished all over the world. Here you get to enjoy and cherish every sip of the coffee, the soothing ambiance, and the top quality services.

Park your cars right there today at Starbucks to have your share of coffee, order your desired coffee along with the side meals, and share your experience through Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Quick Facts

  1. Starbucks is an American public coffee shop that serves both hot and cold beverages, baked items and sandwiches.
  2. It came into being in 1971 in Washington’ the United States.
  3. You can find its 28 shops in 218 different localities i.e. all over the world.

Did you know?

  1. Starbuck owns a record label.
  2. They introduce more than 87,000 drink combinations.
  3. Starbuck has been sued once for underfilling lattes.


  1. Get a chance to enter monthly sweepstakes and win $1000 voucher for your next visit.
  2. You can get a free drink and food for the whole month.
  3. Earn two stars on each dollar spent.
  4. Get birthday rewards.
  5. Avail member events and various other offers.

Steps to Complete Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company grows with your little help. Simply take surveys and let them know where they stand. Follow the given steps to fill the Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey. You must have your last receipt along. Your device must be connected to the internet. This survey will take your maximum of 5 minutes.

  1. Click on the URL given in the statement,
  2. A new homepage will appear on your screen i.e. Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  3. Choose your language and click “NEXT”.
  4. Enter your code number to ensure that you visited. On your receipt, it is given at the bottom. Here you can even take another survey if any of your family members have already visited. Enter that code number and win as much gift cards.
  5. Give your honest answers to all the required questions.
  6. Give your contact details at the end. You will then automatically be a part of the prize draw.
  7. Submit the survey once you are done.

Rules to Follow

If you are about to take the Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey, the following rules are applied;

  1. The age limit is 18 years or above.
  2. Legal residency of the USA.
  3. Coupon Code cannot be transferred into cash.
  4. Employees or officers of Starbucks are not eligible.

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