Get $1000 cash prize through Chili’s Survey!

You can get a cash prize worth $1000 by participating in the Chili’s customer satisfaction survey.

People living in America have a lot of benefits when it comes to talking about entertainment and amusement. Americans love to eat and half of them spend their evenings outside their house eating food from their favorite restaurant.

These restaurants come with a number of amazing food items as well as efficient services. The variety that is served by these restaurants is incredible and it makes America one of the best places to live if you are a foodie.

One of such amazing restaurants that are loved by the customers in America is Chili’s. Chili’s is a wholly owned subsidiary and it belongs to the industry of the rest aunts.

The genre that it belongs to is casual dining and the customers love to visit it again and again. The company is progressing with every passing day and getting more and more customers with every day.

Chili’s customer satisfaction survey

Chili’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is a new thing that the company has come up with.

This survey is basically an assortment of the questions that are asked from the customers related to the taste of the products offered and the services offered by the company.

If you have ever visited the company even once, you can answer these questions quite easily.

Keeping in mind the taste of the food and the time limit in which you were served with your food, you need to answer the simple questions asked by the company.


A cash prize of $1000 can be won by the participants of the Chili’s customer satisfaction survey. They can redeem the code on their next visit to Chili’s.

Steps to follow

  • The laptop and an internet connection is all that you need to have in order to be a part of the survey and get through it.
  • The link that you need to go to is and it gives you a chance to answer the questions in English or Spanish.
  • Once chosen the required language, you can go ahead and put in the date and time of your visit to the survey.
  • The check number, survey code, total bill amount and server number are also required to be added in order to move ahead with the survey.
  • Afterwards you will see the answers that you need to answer by choosing the right option next to them.

Did you know?

  • Chili’s was founded in the year 1975 by Larry Lavine
  • The products offered by the company are the Mexican cuisine coupled with the American cuisine
  • Both of these specialties along with the amazing services offered make this place worth going to
  • The menu of the company comes with a great variety and has a regular, vegetarian as well as nutritional menu.
  • In case you are allergic to something, you will get special items offered to you by the company
  • Chili’s has more than one thousand outlets all over the United States of America
  • Some of the outlets of the company are in other countries of the world as well which make Chilli’s a global company and server of customers spread all over the world
  • With the supervision of the CEO Wyman Roberts and the dedication of its customers, the company aims to earn more and more revenues every passing day
  • Millions of dollars are earned by the company every year

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