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The Dairy Queens Customers Satisfaction Survey help you convey your experiences, whether bad or good, regarding the services and products provided by the Dairy Queen. In return, you can get a chance to take a menu item for free on your next visit.

Dairy Queen offers its customers the ultimate fan food and comfort food. And when we say that, we mostly mean ice cream! And so, if you have visited your local Dairy Queen store how much did you like, or dislike the service you received? Was the staff able to get your order correct? This customer survey will not only enhance the services and quality of the products but it will also help the company in analyzing the employee performance and competency.

Dairy Queen Survey needs its customers to provide their honest feedback; whether it is negative or positive. And so, in this article, we will be providing you a very helpful way to take this survey from anywhere- your home, your office or while you’re at the subway! And with that, you will be appreciated for your efforts. The company has a hidden benefit for you which we will reveal later on. So, stay with us!

Quick Facts

Following is the company brief that you might need to know before participating in the survey;

  1. Dairy Queen is a chain of fast-food and ice-cream in America.
  2. It is a brainchild of John Fremont and his son Alex.
  3. It was initially located in Illinois and monitored by Sherb Noble.
  4. Dairy Queen serves frozen items such as various kinds of ice cream.
  5. The corporate offices are established in Minneapolis.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts that we bet you did not know;

  1. Dairy Queen was run by Mark Cuban for one day in 2002.
  2. Dairy Queen made the largest Blizzard that weighed 8,224.85lbs.
  3. Dairy Queen sold more than 175 million of Blizzard in the very first year of introducing it.
  4. It is currently running in 30 countries.

Survey Incentive

The company understands that you put in your time and effort into helping them make themselves a better, larger, successful and up-to-date business. And for this, they are grateful. So much so that the company is offering you to redeem a validation code at the end of your Dairy Queen survey.

This validation code can be used to get any latest Dairy Queen offer. So, you can take this code and visit your local Dairy Queen store to find out more. But you should do so faster because the offer will expire soon!

Steps to Complete the Dairy Queens Customer Satisfaction Survey

These are the following step that you should follow for taking the Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey;

  1. In order to take this survey, all you need to have is the receipt from your latest visit.
  2. You must have a working device with an internet connection.
  3. Visit dqfansurvey.com to open the survey page.
  4. Once you do so, you can have the option of taking your survey in English, Spanish or even French- whichever language makes it easier for you to respond well.
  5. Then you will enter your 19-digit survey key and begin taking the survey by rating various statements about the prices, the items, the freshness, and so on.
  6. Get your validation code and write it on your receipt at the end!

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