Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Through Phillips customer satisfaction survey, Phillips 66 petroleum company is now refining its product value, by considering honest reviews on customer services.

Phillips 66  is an american multinational company which deals with oil and gas refinery. It is the successor of Phillips Petroleum Company. The company has been in the business for more than ninety years now and has its headquarters in Texas, Houston. The company operates throughout the world and its products and services are spread everywhere.

Phillips has been among the first oil companies to introduce a multi-grade motor oil, tropArtic in 1954. These motor oils were designed to used year-round in automobile vehicles which became a hit, as opposed to single grades.  it also initiated its gasoline stations in west coast of Canada, expanding its business across the mainlands of america.

The main items that it works with are natural gas, fuels, motor oils, petrochemicals, lubricants and much more. It provides its services in both the oil refineries as well as the service stations. The company has been in operation in almost all countries in the world.

Brief Overview

  1. With initial launch in 1927, Phillips 66 started off its trade from New York exchange setup in 2012
  2. it operates 11 petroleum facilities in US
  3. The company has almost 14,000 employees worldwide
  4. The company is active in more than 65 countries.
  5. Phillips 66 was ranked 24th on Fortune’s 500 list.
  6. in 2018 it was ranked at 67th position on the fortune global 500 list.

5 things you did not know about Phillips 66

  1.  Phillips history dates back from 1875, not 2012
  2. It is also a mass producer of high-density polyethylene, along with largest brand aviation fuel business.
  3. The company is also involved in producing projects in renewable energy sector.
  4. The company caters special emphasis on sustainable production and usage.
  5. Since 2012, Phillips 66 have returned more than $14 billion in cash to its investors.

Steps to Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Surveys help systematize and prioritize their product value and refine it with time for better customer satisfaction. You can now let Phillips 66 know about your experience and cater your needs in future. Your honest feedback is essential for the growth of the company. In order for you to start the survey, make sure you have your last receipt with you.

  1. click on the URL here,
  2. add the code, written on the receipt
  3. follow the instructions of the survey for better demographics of the customer
  4. rate your experience with the company


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