Everything you need to know about Golden Corral Survey!

Finding a good restaurant in an area where you live is surely a difficult process. It is only after a number of visits to various places and experiencing the food of a plethora of eateries that you actually get to know which place is the best one.

When it comes to finding a good place to eat, you do not only give importance to the food served. Rather, the ambiance of the place also matters a lot!

You need to make sure that the place served you the best of the food along with the provision of a peaceful environment. One of the best places that provide you with both these amenities is Golden Corral.

Known for its taste of the food served to the people, Golden Corral is a place loved by all. Golden Corral is a privately owned company that works in the industry of restaurants; it is in the business for quite a long period.

Initially, the outlet aimed to provide food to the people who would come to it as customers. However, in a matter of time, it got so successful that more and more outlets had to be made.

The customers kept pouring in and the company saw a lot of development. Within the forty-four years of its initiation, the company has become as famous as McDonalds and KFC.

The company was initiated in North Caroline and even today has its headquarter in the same place. James Maynard founded the company.


By participating in the Golden corral customer satisfaction survey, you can win worthy gift vouchers.

The Golden Corral Customer Satisfaction Survey

The company has come forward with an aim to improve itself even more. For that, the company has decided to take the help of the customs.

If you are a fan of the food offered by the company or have any problem with the services offered, you can be a part of the survey and let the company know about it.

With the help of the Golden Corral Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can let the company know about all your thoughts and feelings.

The steps to follow

  1. With the help of your laptop, you need to go to the link www.goldencorral-listens.com and enter the survey code.
  2. The code will be there on the receipt of the last order to the company.
  3. Next, you need to answer the asked questions and let the company know whether the food served to you was hot or not, whether the dishes used by the servers were clean or not, whether the food was well prepared or not and whether the bakery items were good in taste or not.
  4. Once you answer all these questions, you get eligible to a discount once you visit the company next time.

Did you know?

  • It was established in the year 1973
  • Today the company is working in more than five hundred places all over the world
  • Under the supervision of the chair-man of the company James H. Maynard and the president of the company Lance Ternary, the employees are being motivated more with every passing day.
  • The total number of people working in the company now is nine thousand.
  • The revenue collected by the company in the last year was one hundred and ninety-five millions dollars.


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  1. Store 0914 Houston Texas. Early bird buffet. Time 11:53am. This is the 4th time we have had early bird buffet and the last. The food has been cold everytime we visit for this buffet. Today the store was freezing! Had to wear a coat to eat. Later in the day the food is warm or hot for evening meal. Should heat up the steam tables allot sooner than later. Just a suggestion.

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